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The Original "My Little Pony" Dolls Are The Latest Thing From Your Childhood To Make A Comeback

Cavendish Press/Daily Mail

Can you actually believe that it's been over thirty years since we fell in love with Hasbro's magical line of toys called My Little Pony?

I remember getting my first set of toys, and then the excitement that washed over me when the movie came out a few years later.

My Little Pony was introduced in the early 1980s as the successor to the company's earlier My Pretty Pony toyline. Unofficially known as the "Generation One" or "G1," these toys included a collection of six smaller and more colorful versions of the original ponies.

Every girl had these miniature figurines on their birthday and Christmas wishlists, and the company ended up garnering way more sales than initially projected. At the time, we got to play with Blue Bell, Minty, Butterscotch, Snuzzle, Blossom, and Cotton Candy, but as the ponies got more popular, new members were added to the crew.

Unfortunately, the new generation of ponies started to hog the spotlight, and the original group were forced out.

Thankfully, those of us who were around when they were first introduced have not forgotten about them, and now, to mark the 35th anniversary of the brand, the 1983 G1 ponies are making a comeback, so all eighties kids can enjoy a dose of nostalgia.

All six ponies from the first generation of My Little Pony toys have been recreated to mark the milestone, but of course, just like everything else that has been revived, they won't look exactly like the original.

However, they've been replicated to look as close to the ones you grew up with as possible. The 2018 version of the figurines are a lot more vibrant and their hair looks so much more shinier. Still, they all come with a comb and and a ribbon, just like they did way back when.

If you'd like to reawaken the little 80s child in you, you can snag these collector ponies from a number of retailers, including Target and Toys R Us for just $10 each. Just like we all did back in the day, you will have to go in store to pick these pretty toys up because they're not available for purchase online.


The company behind this fantastic idea, Basic Fun, is also bringing back a collection of Rainbow Ponies, which includes Sunlight, Starshine, Moonstone, Windy, Parasol, Skydancer and Cotton Candy. If you recall, these are the ones that had the rainbow-colored hair and smelled really sweet.

They won't be available until August but we're impatiently waiting for them to hit the shelves. What's another couple of months when you waited for 35 years?