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14 Toys That Will Make All 80s Kids Say "Oh Yeah, That"

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Are the toys that kids play with today really "toys?" Can a drone classify as a toy? The answer is no. They're gadgets, and yes there is a difference.

When we were growing up, we had to have imagination. We were given a yo-yo and told to "have fun." Really? With this piece of plastic on a string? But we somehow managed and now we're (kinda) well-rounded adults.

These were some of the toys we had growing up, and even if you don't remember them now, you will after reading this list.

1. Food Fighters

Death By Toys

When people say "hot dogs can kill you," they really mean a hot dog can punch you to death. And also that pancakes carry assault weapons. Why not! It's fun! 1988 was a weird year.

2. Zap It


These would probably be banned today for looking "too realistic," but Zap It guns were everywhere! Some toy company thought a plastic squirt gun that shot disappearing ink up to 20ft would be fun...and they were right. Of course, once your 500 shots of ink ran out, you were left with a regular squirt gun unless your parents bought you the refills, but they probably didn't.

3. Boglins


Looking back, I wonder if this is what they based Shrek off of? These "creatures that come alive in your hands" were just rubber puppets that we used to freak out our siblings and be constant annoyances.

4. Eagle Force

Final Frontier Toys

The name of the game in the 80s was "make something kids will like more than G.I. Joe." It never happened, but Eagle Force gave it a valiant effort. The characters were tasked with defeating bad guys, and for only $1.97 our parents were willing to get these for us.

5. Maximus

Eighties Kids

This was the height of technological toys in the 80s. You put different cards in the slot to play new games and learn along the way.

6. Ring Raiders

This toy was strange because you had to wear the ring to play. If you lost one? Well too bad for more fun! The line only lasted about six months, which is five months longer than any kid bothered to play with it.

7. Starriors


With the current popularity of Marvel, I'm surprised I haven't seen these toys brought back to life. Based off a spin-off set of Marvel comics, each toy came with a mini comic to explain the character.

8. Snugglebumms

Eighties Kids

Looking at them now, these are actually kinda creepy. But man oh man did we love our Snugglebumms in the 80s!

9. Army Ants

Geek Tyrant

Sent here to battle the California I'm totally kidding. The Army Ants, who came in sets of three or eight, had different ranks as well as international soldiers, because why not? The Blue Army was lead by General Mc-Anther and the Orange Army was lead by General Patant.

10. Cosmic Cowboys

Online Toy Show

Maybe this is where *NSYNC got the inspiration for "Space Cowboy!" Each character came with accessories and weapons unique to their personal style. There were only six figurines in the series, but we loved each of them.

11. Dingbot

Eighties Kids

Dingbot was supposed to be based on E.T., but you can really only see if it you knew that to begin with. He sorta looks like a knock-off version of Wall-E if you ask me.

12. Wuzzles

Eighties Kids

Wuzzles are hybrid animals, and we all wanted the rhino monkey...don't lie. They were on every 80s kid's bed, whether you want to admit it or not.

13. Tuneyville Choo Choo Train

Eighties Kids

I had one of these, but then magically all the records got "lost." It played music as your rolled it around the house, and was probably the most hated toy as voted by every parent.

14. Major Morgan

Eighties Kids

Magic Morgan the electric organ! This was also a relatively advanced toy for our generation, but looking back it's pretty plain.

How many of these toys do you remember?