23 Years After The Trial Of The Century, Here's What O.J. Simpson's Kids Are Up To Today

When former football star O.J Simpson allegedly killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, he did not just claim the lives of two innocent people.

He also robbed his two youngest children, daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson and son Justin Ryan Simpson, of their mother and a normal childhood.

The lives of his older children with first wife, Marguerite Whitley, Arnelle and Jason, were also dramatically altered. (O.J. and Marguerite's third child, Aaren Lashone, tragically drowned in the family's pool shortly before her second birthday.)

And no, Khloe Kardashian is not his child.

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Life has been a roller coaster for the Simpson children since 1994, and their father's involvement in what was dubbed the "Trial of the Century."

They have kept relatively low profiles through the years, and have been successful at doing that, until recently.

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In 2014, they were in the headlines after being spotted at their grandfather, Louis Brown Jr.'s funeral.

Two years later, Sydney and Justin were once again photographed attending their cousin's wedding.

However, with their father's string of other legal troubles as well as the release of shows like The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and O.J.: Made in America, there has been renewed interest in the Simpson brood.

So what has life been like for them since O.J. became public enemy number one?

Let's find out!

Arnelle Simpson

Arnelle was born in 1968 on the same day O.J won the coveted Heisman trophy.

When her parents divorced 11 years later, she was in her mother's custody most of the time, but she remained close to her father.

O.J. with Arnelle, Jason and Marguerite

Even after O.J. was accused of murdering Nicole, Arnelle stayed by his side and was arguably his biggest supporter. This also made her the most recognizable Simpson offspring.

She was old enough to understand the seriousness of the situation her father was in, and was present at all of his court appearances.

She even testified on his behalf, telling the court that her father was "upset," "emotional," and "distraught" after finding out about the murder of his ex-wife.

"He was just... so hard to explain because there was so much going on and it was so emotional, and I was trying to comfort him because he didn't know what to do," Arnelle said during the trial.

Besides attending the legal proceedings, Arnelle and a friend were the ones who convinced O.J. to write his controversial book If I Did It.

She made some occasional red carpet appearances during the 90s, but after her father found himself in midst of more legal troubles, Arnelle stepped out of the spotlight to care for her family.

In addition to caring for her younger siblings, she had the power of attorney over her father's fortune.

She handled her father's financial affairs while he was in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas in 2007. However, sources close to the Simpsons revealed that Arnelle was lavishly spending her father's $25,000 monthly pension from the NFL.

"Arnelle is a shopaholic," the insider told Georgia Newsday. "Shopping was often the only thing that got her out of the house. She loved her trips to Saks and Victoria's Secret and paid for them with her father's money. She'd also bring all of her friends to the house or go to expensive restaurants and buy everyone dinner and drinks."

Arnelle denied these claims, revealing that her father's house had to be sold so they could pay the attorney fees.

In 2017, O.J. became eligible for parole, and Arnelle, 48, spoke at the hearing.

“On behalf of my family… we want him to come home," she said. "And I know in my heart that he's very humbled."

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O.J. was released on October 1, 2017, and according to Jeffrey Felix, a former corrections officer at Lovelock Correctional Center, where O.J. was serving time, he was going to live with Arnelle and "will stay with her for a while till he gets on his feet."

The pair currently reside in Florida.

Jason Simpson

Jason posing with O.J and his grandfatherThe Washington Times

O.J. and Marguerite's second child, Jason, also stood by his father's side throughout his murder trial.

Although he wasn't nearly as vocal and visible as his sister, he still had his 15 minutes of fame when he famously acted as the family's spokesperson following O.J.'s acquittal in 1995.

"I'm relieved that this part of the incredible nightmare that occurred on June 12, 1994, is over," he read the statement written by his father. "When things have settled a bit, I will pursue as my primary goal in life the killer or killers who slaughtered Nicole and Mr. Goldman. They are out there somewhere."

At one point, rumors about Jason's involvement in the crime began circulating. Private investigators claimed that it was possible that Jason killed Nicole and Ron because he was seen with O.J. in the infamous white Ford Bronco the night the murders happened.

Jason at his father's 1995 trial.New York Daily News

P.I. Bill Dear wrote in his book O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove It  that the possibility of Jason as the murderer isn't far-fetched because he was previously involved in a number of violent acts, including threatening a former employer and cutting an ex-girlfriend's hair.

But the prosecutor on his father's case, Marcia Clark, was quick to shut down the "hideous" rumors.

"I can't even tell you how awful it is," she told Today.

Jason wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become an NFL player. He was the star running back played for the Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad, California, but he gave up on the dream of becoming a professional athlete.

He decided to pursue a career in the culinary arts instead, and has since found success in the field, but it wasn't a smooth ride.

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He struggled with substance abuse, and after a DUI charge, he was ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous.

According to the National Enquirer, he also allegedly attempted suicide on multiple occasions.

However, Jason, who is now 46, managed to turn his life around and come out on top. Over the years, he has worked in a number of high-end restaurants, and is currently a chef at a fancy Italian restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sydney Simpson


Unlike her two older siblings, we did not get to see much of Sydney, who was only nine years old when her mother died.

After the trial, O.J. struggled financially and was evicted from his estate. As a result, Sydney and the rest of the family moved to Miami.

She eventually got accepted into Boston University, and according to E! Online, her dad helped her move.

"He was just like a regular dad moving his daughter into college,” a dorm counsellor recalled.

However, their close relationship soon got rocky and culminated in a public argument during which witnesses heard Sydney shout "You murdered mom" at her father.


It wasn't long after that FOX News reported that Sydney, who was 19 at the time, was arrested outside of a basketball game after hitting two girls and screaming at police offers.

She eventually cleaned up her act, and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor's degree in sociology.

Upon completing her studies, Sydney joined her older brother in Atlanta, and worked as an events coordinator at The Canoe. She allegedly changed her name to Portia, so people wouldn't be quick to connect her to O.J.

A few years later, she moved to St. Petersburg, Florida and continued working in the hospitality field, just like her mom once did. She started her own business called Simpsy LLC.

In addition to working in the restaurant industry, Sydney, 32, also has a huge real estate portfolio and own a couple of properties around Florida.

Justin Simpson

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Justin was too young to be caught up in the hoopla surrounding his family, and when he got older, he still tried his best to stay out of it.

While the public and the media were transfixed on his dad and siblings, he focused on making the most out of his childhood and doing well in school.

In 2014, his aunt, Nicole’s sister Tanya, shared opened up about Justin and Sydney to The Daily Mail.

"They’re in their late 20s. They’re professional. They’ve gone to college. They’re in relationships. They’re happy. They’re just like us," she said.

“They’ve probably talked about it[their mother's murder] on their own,” Tanya continued, “but when they come to our house we have fun. We don’t need to rehash everything. They will always love their dad. I choose to respect that."

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Not much is known about what schools he attended or degrees he holds, but he is now a successful real estate agent based in Florida, just a few miles from Sydney.

Having spent years in multi-family renovation and income properties, Justin has turned focus to helping others succeed as he has," reads his profile on the Coldwell Banker website. Having a family immersed in hospitality, Justin sets himself apart by dominating customer service and his communication/negotiation skills give his clients the competitive edge."

It's nice to see that despite all of the crazy ups and downs, the Simpson kids have been through, they have managed to grow up well and not capitalize on their fame.

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