There's One Crucial Detail We All Definitely Missed While Watching "Love Actually"

Seeing that it only came out in 2003, some people may not consider Love Actually a classic, but fans who have never passed up an opportunity to watch the holiday romantic-comedy will attest to the fact that it is one of the best Christmas movies of the last decade and a bit.

Although the movie has been watched countless times since it came out 13 years ago, people are still managing to catch tiny details that many of us have never noticed before. For instance, why is Sarah wearing a beanie at the wedding? Also why was Jamie (Colin Firth) using a typewriter in 2003?


As Christmas approaches, people are getting into the spirit of the season by watching the movie for the umpteenth time, and one fan picked up on a detail that could totally change the way we think about one of the story lines.


Twitter user @thisjenlewis pointed out a new theory involving two of the characters and it is already going viral because it actually makes a lot of sense.

So what Jen Lewis is saying is that Daniel (Liam Neeson), who recently lost his wife, is in love with his best friend Karen (Emma Thompson), who found out that her husband (the late Alan Rickman) is having an affair with his secretary, Mia.


But what made her jump to this conclusion? Apparently there are a lot of tiny details throughout the movie that suggest the two characters may secretly be in love with each other.

While the film does not hide the fact that Daniel and Karen are good friends (I mean, they share the same box of Frosted Flakes), there were a few scenes that seemed to have been alluding to the fact that they were more than just BFFs.

Not only is "Karen" the first word Daniel says in the movie, but according to Jen Lewis, Daniel's true feelings about Karen were once again revealed after he met his crush, Carol (Caludia Schiffer), towards the end of the movie.

The blonde woman introduces herself as Carol, but after their brief interaction, Daniel accidentally calls her KAREN.


Some say this could've been a filming error (we doubt it), but for Jen Lewis and a number of other fans, Daniel had a Freudian slip because he was thinking about his friend Karen while in Carol's presence.

Liam Neeson was recently questioned by Metro UK about his character's relationship with Karen, but he didn't seem to remember much about it, saying Karen is his sibling.

"She's my sister. That is sick. I can't believe you said that. She's my sister!" Neeson said.

Umm, we big to differ, Liam, but you and Karen are best friends, who are in love with each other but won't fess up.

Richard Curtis is quite clever and sneaky so who knows what other details are hidden in the film? I guess we'll just have to watch it again to find them all.

Do you think this theory is legit?