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This One Teen's Tweet About Burning CDs Will Honestly Ruin Your Day

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All of us who would consider ourselves to be 80s and 90s kids aren't really that old, right? We are still in the prime of our lives, and a lot of us still feel like we're just getting started on our path to being a "real grown-up."

Maybe it's not the greatest that a lot of us still feel young, but times have changed since our parents were in their 30s. We've learned how to chill out and take our time in our lives. There's no rush, so let's all just relax and try to stay young longer.

Here's the problem with that: There's always going to be someone younger who's going to just keep forcing you forward no matter how hard you try to resist it.

It might be from the trends they become obsessed with that you can no longer keep up with, it may be with the slang that they use that sounds like a foreign language to you, or it may be as simple as the questions they ask.

Our world is now networked with a variety of services that connects people who wouldn't have ever met before. We've all come to accept it as the norm and many of us embrace the technology. However, sometimes the technology betrays us.

Teens these days didn't grow up the way we did. Almost none of them had to wait while their dial-up modem made a series of horrific noises to connect to the internet. Very few would even realize that there was any other speed other than "high-speed." And even fewer would remember how long it used to take to download music.

Remember the early days of downloading music? Or having the joy of being able to load all of your CDs onto your computer so you could listen to them all without having to switch disks? Eventually arranging them into the perfect playlists and burning them onto a CD for your walkman?

CD Wallet
A relic from the past. Flickr - Rubbermaid Products

Well, one person's simple tweet about our old CDs has taken the youth we've been holding onto so tightly and basically ripped it from our hands with a violent snatching motion.

It was a simple tweet. Two simple sentences that aged me and many other Twitter users decades within seconds.

"Maybe it's just the generation z in me but how did people burn CDs? Like how did you just get a blank CD and put songs on it?"

The user later points out that she is 17 years old, meaning that she wasn't alive in the 90s. But her age isn't what matters, it's the fact that we are all officially at an age where our thrilling technological advancements are basically ancient artifacts to the next generation.

Old Lady computer meme
Us, as we read that tweet. Imgflip

"I'm nine million years old."

Users immediately started sharing their pain and shock, knowing that we've all been hit with an aging spell. Our youthful disguises have been torn from our faces and we can no longer pretend we are the "young" ones.

Making CDs is obviously not something we need to do anymore, because the invention of MP3 players, iPods, and later smart phones made CDs basically irrelevant, but still.

At the time, burning a CD was a big deal. It was so much faster and easier than having to wait until the song came on the radio and pressing record on your cassette player, hoping that the stupid radio DJ wouldn't talk over it too much.

CD-R blank disks spindle
A device used by the ancient ones, probably as a small Frisbee or mirror. By J-Star via Wikimedia Commons

But people did have some very good responses to this tweet, this one was probably the best of them all:

"We would wait for a full moon and throw a blank CD into a giant bonfire and dance around it while chanting the titles of the songs we wanted on it and the final product would be sitting on top of the ashes after the flames went out."

People also began to reminisce about how much it used to mean receiving a mix CD from your girlfriend or boyfriend, knowing that they put so much effort into curating the songs.

"Awwww the youths will never know the feeling of getting won over by your first boyfriend through the CDs he burned for you," one user shared.

How are you feeling now? Did this tweet make you feel ancient? Because it sure got me.

Source - Twitter

I guess we're all officially "old" now. Sorry to ruin your day.