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Polly Pocket Is Going Back To Her Roots With A Brand New 90s-Inspired Collection

Who else remembers growing up when our dream toys were these plastic little compacts that had a whole little world inside?  Those little Polly Pockets were everything we wanted. Even though they were such a simple little concept, they managed to fill our imaginations and we loved them.

They had so many different kinds of Polly Pockets. Ones based on movies, ones based on fairy tales, and others that are just fun creations of their own.

Whether we were adventuring with Jasmine and Aladdin in Agrabah or having a fun castle adventure, we managed to see these little peg people as the perfect characters in what ever stories we were trying to act out.

Our blessed Polly Pockets were discontinued in the late 90s, but when they brought them back they looked completely different.

The little dolls no longer came in those cute little compacts, and they also weren't so little anymore. Every doll was now big enough to have some actual features and clothing, but it was all made using these weird plastic-style clothes that would slide on over their molded arms and legs easily.

Personally, I was never a fan of these new ones. Granted I had already aged out of their demographic, but something about the more intricate styles and almost Barbie-like house options felt like it was getting away from the point.

But now, after all these years of missing our original Polly Pockets, they've decided to bring them back!

It's not exactly like they were in the early 90s, but it's a great combination of the two styles.

The little figures themselves look bigger than the peg versions, and they still have more defined features and outfits.

However, it doesn't look as though you can change the outfits they are wearing, or move their arms and legs around too much.

Mattel knows exactly what they are doing by relaunching the old style of Polly Pockets. VP of marketing, Hailey Sullivan, spoke about why they decided to bring it back, and it turns out it's because of all of us.

"Many of today's parents were the generation that made Polly Pocket a phenomenon and now they can introduce their children to Polly's world. We know that the 90's is making a resurgence so what better time to bring back the beloved micro-playsets for the next generation."

There are three new sets that are currently listed on the Mattel site:

There's one that is like a little beach vacation adventure, complete with flamingo floaties for your two dolls

One is a snowy snowboarding adventure, with a chair lift and chalet

And finally, the last one is a little house that your Polly Pocket characters can live in that comes with a little scooter and karaoke machine

No matter which one you look at, you can see elements that will remind you of your childhood.

There are a few other options coming out including a recording studio, a party venue, and an underwater adventure, but chances are if these take off as much as we all hope they will we've got a lot more coming our way.

So hopefully now that all of us who grew up with them are older, and are now either parents or aunts and uncles, we can pass these down to the next generation and show them just how much fun they really are.

It's definitely nice to see a return to the simple toys we all grew up loving!

Do you know any young kids who should play with these? Okay, who are we kidding, do you know any adults who would want to play with these?

Source - The Sun / SimpleMost / Mirror