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Pop-Tarts Crunch Cereal Is Making A Come Back And The Wait Is Almost Over


If you were lucky enough to be alive in 1994 or 1995, you know that Pop-Tarts Crunch was the only cereal that mattered.

Sure, it only lasted for those two years, but those of us who got to eat it, have been missing it ever since.

It came in two delicious varieties: Brown Sugar and Strawberry, and honestly I can't pick a favorite.

It was basically like having a big ol' bowl of Pop-Tarts and that's all we want. Pop-Tarts were already one of the most popular breakfast snack, probably because it was a way for all of us kids to trick our parents into eating sugary pastries every morning.

Then when they made these spoonfuls of heaven, we all thought we had found our new favorite cereal. But as quickly as we fell in love, it was taken from us.

Kellogg's discontinued the cereal in 1995, making the biggest mistake of their history, but finally, after nearly 25 years, they are righting this wrong.

Pop-Tarts Crunch cereal is coming back!

Earlier this month someone hinted that Pop-Tarts Crunch would be back with an Instagram picture.

The Instagram user @CandyHunting posted this picture with the caption "TBT: Remember Pop-Tars Cunch cereal? Well, it looks like it will be present in more than just our memories soon."

So with that little tidbit, Bustle reached out to Kellogg's and got some inside scoop, when Kellogg's confirmed the best news ever: Pop-Tarts Crunch will be back in early 2019 all over the country!

They will have the same two flavors you know and love, but the boxes have gotten a bit of a makeover.

There will once again be Frost Brown Sugar Cinnamon:

And Frosted Strawberry:

It does seem like they have left the "Crunch" out of the new cereal's name, but who cares! If Pop-Tarts cereal is available, I don't know that I really care what it's called.

Now that we're all old enough to buy our own cereal, we can buy it as much as we want it.

Who else is counting down the days until it's back?

Source - Bustle