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10 Punishments From the '90s That Are Unheard Of Today

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The '90s were great times, so missing out on a second of it was devastating.

We enjoyed hanging out with our friends, watching TV, playing with our toys, and many more fun activities.

Parents always had a knack for knowing what would punish their kids the most, and they used this knowledge to their advantage.

Here are 10 flashbacks from when you were punished as a child that you would never hear of today.

1. Being grounded and sent to your room

Back then your room was only meant for sleep and staring at the poster of your celebrity crush. If you were in there for hours and bored out of your mind, you might have started cleaning...

Nowadays being sent to your room is a blessing because that means kids are within hands reach of their tablets, phones, computers, and all the other gadgets that they love.

2. Hiding your favorite toys

Your favorite childhood toy would get hidden in a top shelf somewhere in your home, which felt like it was a universe away. Parents knew how precious your Beanie Babies collection was, and that's what they always went for.

Kids today probably don't see their stuffed toys as valuable, especially since they spend most of their time texting away on their phone or surfing the internet.

3. Or hiding your "essential" tech devices

We may have not had a phone containing everything we would ever need at our fingertips, but we did have a music device or something like a Game Boy.

4. Force you to come home right after school

We had recess to talk to our friends, but some of our best memories are from the times we stuck around after school hours.

Kids today are involved with too many extracurricular activities that are meant to look good on their transcript, so they couldn't afford to go home right after school.

5. Spanking

I'm not talking about a beating, but just a few strong taps on the bottom that were supposed to straighten us out and stop our shenanigans.

If a parent tries doing that today, they'll probably be talking to an officer soon after.

These next ones will hit close to home...

6. Keeping you home from school

What was there to do on a day where all your friends are at school and you're left home alone? Literally nothing fun.

Nowadays kids will fake sickness and beg to miss school. Why not? They've got their phones to stay in touch with their friends and Netflix to keep them busy until dinner is ready.

7. No food as punishment

Whether it's a full meal or snacks, parents knew that the way to a child's heart is through their stomach.

There are other punishments parents resort to today, banning children from nourishment would be considered too cruel.

8. Cutting that awful dial-up connection

Back in the '90s, everyone wished they had a computer and a half-decent internet connection. This got a lot of kids excited, so having this taken away was the worst way to be grounded.

Parents today can't go without the internet, so their kids won't be having that problem.

9. Forcing you to miss your favorite show on TV

If you missed an episode from your show, that was it! Seriously, you would have to go back in time to watch that episode.

Kids today won't ever have that problem. They have DVRs, Netflix, YouTube, etc.

10. Not letting you go outside and play with your friends

This was a tragedy during the summer, but today's parents are forcing kids to get out of their rooms to socialize in person with peers and get some exercise.


The world has changed! What punishment irked you the most when you were a kid?