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15 Rare Childhood Pictures Of Your Favorite Celebrities That Prove That Nothing Has Changed

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Here were some adorable rarely-seen photos of some of the most famous celebrities around the world.

This list includes singing legends like Elvis Presley and Whitney Houston, and famous actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and Marilyn Monroe.

Let us know which celebrity's childhood photo is your favorite!

1. Jim Carrey

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You can tell from these pictures that this comedian-actor has always been full of jokes.

2. Adam Sandler

Sandler literally has not changed a bit.

3. Antonio Banderas

You have to stare at this photo for a few seconds until you recognize The Mask of Zorro star.

4. Tom Hanks

Who Say

I can't decide whether the photo on the right is better or the photo on the left.

5. Keanu Reeves


He's always been a "chill-looking" guy.

6. Amanda Seyfried


When you envision an angel, does it look something like Amanda Seyfried's childhood photos?

7. Sylvester Stallone


The Rocky Balboa actor looks nothing like what he does today.

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8. Marilyn Monroe

To think that this little girl would become the most popular sex symbol of the '50s.

9. Leonardo DiCaprio

This is the face of the boy who stole our hearts in the '90s.

10. Bruce Willis


He plays pretty serious roles, but he's such a sweetie at heart.

11. Madonna

The pop queen looked so innocent when she was a kid.

12. Angelina Jolie

I'm really not sure what she's got on her fingers here...

13. Elvis Presley

'The King of Rock 'n' Roll' didn't look so slick back in the days.

14. Whitney Houston

I just love this photo of little Whitney!

15. Johnny Depp

I guess he used to crack a smile for pictures.

Which celebrity's childhood photo was your favorite? Let us know!