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25 Nostalgic Things That Are Painfully Relatable To Anyone Who Ever Had A Childhood

They say a picture says a thousand words, but the only words these photos will have you saying is "Oh my god, I totally remember that!"

1. The best day in gym class

No clue what this was supposed to teach us, but it was always fun.

2. How we all learned math

Though honestly, we mostly used them to have sword fights.

3. The seat we all wanted to sit in on roadtrips

We all knew it was the best seat in the house.

4. One of the hardest decisions we had to make as kids

It would have been so much easier if we could just order one of each.

5. The simple joy of making our Power Rangers action figures "morph"

Fisher Price Mattel


6. Baby's first flashlight

Because even toddlers might need a flashlight at some point.

7. Totally zoning out if you looked at this for too long

Then you'd start seeing things in the static and it would get really weird.

8. Not really getting why Y2K was a big deal, but still freaking out over it

Then we all felt pretty silly when nothing actually happened.

9. Chewing your pencil until it looked like this

The eraser would be basically useless after that.

10. Believing these just honestly tasted better than the regular ones

Like, yeah obviously the size is the only difference, but still.

11. The frustration of trying to catch these damn fish

I still think that catching a real fish is way easier than it is in this game.

12. Trying (and failing) to play catch with these

Why couldn't we just use our hands? But they weren't the only thing from our childhood that turned out to be full of lies.

13. Pretending this didn't taste like garbage

Believing that astronauts actually ate this in space made it feel like it was worth eating what tasted like chalk, but it turned out to not even be true.

14. Going down this slide even though your hair/fingers/clothes would inevitably get stuck in the rollers

We probably should have learned to avoid it, but where's the fun in that?

15. Pretending to run your own pet shop

Too bad that as an adult I don't feel nearly responsible enough to run any kind of business.

16. Being so impressed by this black magic sorcery

We get it now, but as kids it totally blew our minds.

17. Craving Sunny D every time you saw this ad

Sunny Delight

Because of course it sounds better than drinking some "purple stuff."

18. The absolutely only way to eat Bugles


I still do this as an adult, honestly.

19. Waking up in terror as one of these falls from the ceiling and slaps you in the face


They looked so cool but they were pretty much a midnight heart attack waiting to happen.

20. Making these and hanging them off your backpack

I made so many of these at summer camp over the years.

21. Saving as much cheese as possible 'til the end and just straight up eating it with that red stick

Sometimes we wouldn't even bother with eating the crackers.

22. Feeling like a badass while chomping on one of these

Sure they tasted like really gross bubble gum, but we thought smoking made us look cool. Or something.

23. The way seeing this would always make your heart stop

Better hope the volume was low otherwise the sound of 8000 of those weird error sounds would make you deaf.

24. Trying to carefully reel the tape back in after your VCR tried to eat it

The sound the VCR would make when this happened still haunts me.

25. Being low key terrified of this game

I avoided her dead-eyed stare whenever I was at the arcade.

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