Remember Vitamin C? She's Got A Killer Job Now

We all know the song. We all graduated to the song. THE SONG.

As we go on, we rememberAll the times we had togetherAnd as our lives changeCome whatever,We will still be friends forever.

Vitamin C's Graduation was, and frankly still is, a classic.

But where is she now? That hit was pretty big, not to mention her other classics like 'Smile' and 'Me Myself And I'. But Vitamin C has been out of the spotlight for time now.

Well, as it turns out, Vitamin C (aka Colleen Fitzpatrick) is still in the music industry! Just at a higher level.

Meet the new VP of Music at Nickelodeon.

Fitzpatrick will be overseeing all music recording, production, and performance for Nickelodeon and its channels. She'll work with Nick's marketing and press divisions and do on-site work for video shoots.

"Colleen brings a vast wealth of knowledge of the music industry to this newly created role," said Doug Cohn, Senior Vice President, in a statement. "Her work with emerging and established talent is a testament to what a tremendous asset she will be to Nick as we continue to expand our foothold in the music space."

While Vitamin C may have been out of the spotlight, her 'behind-the-scenes' accomplishments are lengthy. Fitzpatrick created a licensing and publishing division of Collective Songs, and worked with artists such as Linkin Park and Enrique Iglesias. She also founded and co-owns VCR Productions.

Glad to see she's still out there kickin' ass! Probably with a few less halter tops, though.