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'Saved By The Bell' Lipstick Exists, And Your Inner Tween Is Squealing

90s kids rejoice because this new line of Saved By The Bell products will have you smacking your lips in excitement.

If we have learned anything it is that nothing unites us like 90s nostalgia. Whether it's scrunchies making a comeback, or reboots of our favorite show like Rosanne or Full House, we just can't seem to get enough!

Now 20 years later, we are getting ready for yet another line of products that has us excited!

A new line of Saved By The Bell lipstick is launching with makeup company Sola Look, which is also responsible for a Dirty Dancing-inspired eye-shadow palette that we all need.

The new Bayside High ladies each have a super cute lipstick that bear their names.

In adorable 90s packaging, these new lipsticks are a kick in the nostalgia.

These custom-created formulas are vegan-friendly and of course tied to our beloved childhood escape.

Even though these are a clear nostalgic purchase, the shades are actually beautiful.

Kelly's is sweet and sassy, which is exactly what you'd expect for everyone's favorite head cheerleader.

Jessie’s is a practical nude bronze that will go with everything, because who honestly has time to fuss over lipstick colors when trying to take over the world?

Finally, Lisa Turtle has the color we all need for those bold and bright outfits.

The liquid lipstick collection launches online through Sola Look's online store on February 3.  

Which one best represents you? For me, I am Kelly 100% of the way!

Source: Scary Mommy / Babble