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10 Facts About 'Dirty Dancing' That Would Never Put Baby In A Corner

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The 1987 version of Dirty Dancing celebrated its 30th anniversary, and we still can't help but feel fuzzy when we re-watch this summer romance film.

Dancing gods Patrick Swayze (Johnny) and Jennifer Grey (Baby) were not big movie star names at the time, but the popularity of the movie helped them to become one of the most famous romance duos in film history.

Here are 10 sort of 'dirty' backstage secrets that you definitely had no knowledge of while watching the movie.

10. The Lake Scene.

One of the most popular and loved scenes in the movie was definitely not one of Swayze's and Grey's favorite moments. It was so cold on set that their lips turned blue, and to top it off, Swayze had a knee injury, which didn't make that dancing in the water scene any easier.

9. The scene where we prayed Swayze wouldn't fall off.

He could have used a stuntman to fill in for him, but he pulled a Swayze and did it himself. He fell off a couple times and had to get the fluid in his knee drained, but at least he can say that he did it.

8.  Dramaaaaa.

The romantic Johnny and Baby were not so lovey-dovey when the cameras turned off. Jennifer Grey had a bad experience working with Swayze on the 1984 movie Red Dawn, so she was hesitant to work with him again. She refused the role of Baby, but Swayze convinced her to try again.

7. Swayze is too cool for sequels.

Dirty Dancing was incredibly successful, and the 1987 version is still loved today. For that reason, studios wanted to create a sequel and even offered Swayze $6 million to return, but he said no. Apparently, he's not into sequels.

6.  Painting Trees.

While we were worried about Johnny's and Baby's well-being when they were dancing on a log, we didn't even stop to pay much attention to the surroundings. Not that it mattered much anyway, because the leaves were spray painted green. The scene was shot in October, when the leaves were changing color. Well, it is a summer romance movie, so fair enough.

5. Some famous actors auditioned for lead roles and didn't get the part.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Billy Zane auditioned because they thought the movie would be a big hit.

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4. Fake rain.

Hoses were used to make it look like it was raining when Johnny broke the car window. What's funny is that you can actually see the sun shining.  

3.  Swayze almost didn't get to play Johnny.

What would have Dirty Dancing been without Patrick Swayze? Can you believe that Val Kilmer was the first choice to play Johnny, and thankfully he turned it down.

2. The Iconic Love Scene.  

This is THE sexiest movie moment in all of cinematic history. People have even voted for this scene to win that title.

1. Here are some hilarious bloopers from the movie.

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