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Summer In The 90s Was Better And There's No Debate

Now that we are getting closer to the real summer months, you know kids are just itching to get into that summer vacation time. But really, ours was just infinitely better than theirs could possibly be!

The things we did, the shows we watched, the games we played, everything we had has got to be better than what kids have now right?

The day in the life of a kid on summer vacation in the 90s had a few things that had to happen.

You would wake up, eat some kind of amazing cereal that was essentially chocolate, cookies or sugar

You'd eat that cereal while watching a classic cartoon like Arthur or Magic School Bus

After breakfast you go put on your best overalls

Then you would maybe take a bike ride around the block

Then you probably had to watch Big Comfy Couch or Sailor Moon or Pokemon


Before turning on the Nintendo to play a few levels of Mario Kart

Then your parents or babysitter would yell at you do go play outside until lunch

So you would jump rope

Or draw with chalk on your driveway

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Then you would go inside for some lunch, which was probably either fish sticks, chicken fingers, a PB&J sandwich, or maybe some smile fries

Of course with a big cup of Koolaid

Then you would obviously watch some reruns of all your favorite shows like Ducktales or Recess

If you had a computer you would absolutely play a few rounds of solitaire

Or spider solitaire if you wanted the challenge

If you were lucky enough to own The Sims that would be the rest of your afternoon

At least until you got kicked outside again to go play

So you would go for a bike ride to the neighbor kid's house and hang out until the street lights came on

Then you would go home and eat macaroni and cheese with your family and watch an amazing sitcom

The 90s were just the best.

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