20 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Why Can't Adults Have Summers Off?"

There was nothing better than getting to that final day of elementary school and knowing you were going to have two solid months of fun and adventure. You knew that in September you'd have to head back to class, but July and August were free for whatever you could imagine. Everyone had a different idea of what made for the perfect summer. Some kids liked to play outside, others had a bunch of video games they wanted to beat, while others were excited just to relax. No matter what you liked to do, I think we can all agree that


6 Of The Best Ways Our Parents Got Us To Play Outside In The 90s

Growing up in a time where video games were just starting to become more mainstream, parents had to try to find ways to make playing outside more fun. They had a whole summer vacation to keep you busy for and couldn't have you wasting away in front of the Nintendo! So what did they do? They got us the coolest and most awesome toys that you could only use outside! They would fill us up with Koolaid then send us on our way with one of these amazing things. How many of these do you remember? 1. Super SoakersSBSSuper Soakers


Summer In The 90s Was Better And There's No Debate

Now that we are getting closer to the real summer months, you know kids are just itching to get into that summer vacation time. But really, ours was just infinitely better than theirs could possibly be! OMGStoryThe things we did, the shows we watched, the games we played, everything we had has got to be better than what kids have now right? The day in the life of a kid on summer vacation in the 90s had a few things that had to happen. You would wake up, eat some kind of amazing cereal that was essentially chocolate, cookies or