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Surge Is Now Available At Burger King And 90s Kids Are Losing Their Minds


Who else remembers drinking more Surge soda than any doctor would deem healthy? We all did it, and we all would do it again in a very fast heartbeat.

Well, every once and a while the company responsible for all of our hyperactive attitudes brings back our favorite citrus soda, but it's always for a limited time.

It has been tricky to find at times, and ordering it online just doesn't have the same appeal as getting it at your local corner store. But this time it's even better than being available at the grocery store.

Now, Surge is going to be available at Burger King!

That's right, you can go grab a whopper and a Surge, and party like it's 1999 all over again. Around the country, Burger King locations with the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines are adding Surge to the mix and it's everything that we've all wanted for so long.

I know there are some people out there who will say that Mountain Dew is better, but those people would be wrong.

Surge coming back into the fountain machines at one of the biggest fast food chains in the country is a really exciting development, and people are absolutely thrilled about it.

But you know who is the most thrilled? The companies behind the launch. Their Twitter marketing has been so on point and hilarious that it makes you want to drink it even more than you thought possible, just so you can support this kind of nonsense.

It started simple enough, a friendly greeting was all it took

They started to make their plans

Then Surge had a GREAT idea

And Burger King was clearly very excited about it

And because people didn't believe it was real, they released a more official sounding statement to confirm everything

So Surge will be in Burger King locations that have the freestyle machines until February 2019, and until then the companies seem to be having fun with their conversations

So, who else is going to Burger King right this very second?

There are lots of people out there who are heading there right now. Like these people say, it's time to get your N64 out of the closet and stay up all night!

Sorry pizza, this is bigger than you

If you need help finding a location that has the machines, the Coke website has got you covered.

Or if you'd rather buy it online and drink it from the comfort of your own home, you can do that too. Amazon still has some! (If you do end up buying this online we may get a small percentage.)

Source - The Takeout / Hot 99.5 / Twitter