Alicia Silverstone Revived Cher Horowitz On TV And It Was "Way Existential"

I don't know about you, but Clueless is probably one of my favorite movies of all time. The plot is based on Jane Austen's Emma and it gives us 90s girls a modern take on something that has been around for so long. The movie itself was a feat, taking something that would be considered a "chick flick" and making it a real 90s classic, and after all these years we're all still obsessed. Admit it, you still quote it regularly. There are too many good lines to choose between, so we tend to say them all. Alicia Silverstone became

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Alicia Silverstone Dressed In Her Iconic Clueless Outfit And We Are Totally Buggin'

Clueless was one of the most influential movies of the 90s. The slang they used, the clothes they wore, and their Beverly Hills attitudes made Clueless an absolute classic. Seriously, everything about it was basically perfect.First of all, you had Alicia Silverstone who had the best hair in the world. Paramount PicturesShe had the coolest car everParamount PicturesShe had the most awesome best friend who wore coordinated outfits togetherParamount PicturesThey weren't afraid to stand up for themselvesParamount PicturesCher was confident, cool, and awesomeParamount PicturesShe wasn't afraid to go for what she wantedParamount PicturesEven though it didn't always work out