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Alicia Silverstone Dressed In Her Iconic Clueless Outfit And We Are Totally Buggin'

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Clueless was one of the most influential movies of the 90s. The slang they used, the clothes they wore, and their Beverly Hills attitudes made Clueless an absolute classic. Seriously, everything about it was basically perfect.

First of all, you had Alicia Silverstone who had the best hair in the world.

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She had the coolest car ever

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She had the most awesome best friend who wore coordinated outfits together

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They weren't afraid to stand up for themselves

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Cher was confident, cool, and awesome

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She wasn't afraid to go for what she wanted

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Even though it didn't always work out as she had planned

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Cher was one of the best characters out there, and after all these years Alicia Silverstone is bringing her back...

Alicia Silverstone recently recorded an episode of the show Lip Sync Battle where celebrities lip sync to famous songs with elaborate dance routines and sets. Silverstone decided that her best shot at winning her contest against her competitor, Mena Suvari, would be to rock her iconic outfit from the movie that made her a household name.

That's right, Silverstone put back on the plaid and rocked out on stage. We won't be able to see what she did until January when the fourth season premieres, but we got a sneak peak thanks to the host, Chissy Teigen.

She revealed Silverstone's epic Cher costume in a pictures with her daughter. She wrote "How am I supposed to sleep? I think I've asked for 2 photos in my entire life. @AliciaSilv and Beyonce."

Teigen was completely star struck by the actress, and you could really see it in her face. Sliverstone took pictures with other crew members while in costume and it really brings us all back to the 90s!

She still can rock that plaid outfit!