10 Ways Adam West Proved He Was The Best Batman

Everyone has their favorite Batman, Whether it is the more recent Christian Bale, the classic Michael Keaton, or the only right answer in my opinion: Adam West. His Batman was the most fun by far, and while it was extraordinarily campy and goofy, it was aware of that and made the most of it. You might try to argue that the dark and gritty Batman is a lot more entertaining to watch, but you know what, there is so much more to Batman than his awesome fighting skills and gravelly voice. Adam West's campy Batman show is obviously one of


John Lithgow Was Almost The Joker

Everyone remembers Jack Nicholson as the perfect villain in the classic 1989 Batman movie directed by Tim Burton. Michael Keaton played Batman and for a lot of kids he is their definitive version of the classic character. Personally Adam West will always be my favorite, but to each their own. Warner BrosNicholson played the Joker and he played him very well. The big smile, the goofy dancing, and that iconic laugh. All of it was pretty amazing, but it actually could have been a lot different than we remember. IMDBSure, Michael Keaton wasn't the only person Burton had in mind