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They Were The 7 Most Iconic 'It Girls' Of The 90s, But What Do They Look Like Now?

The 90s seemed to be a pretty big decade for teens. There were so many cool girls that we all wanted to be like. Seriously, there was someone for everyone. Whether you wanted to idolize the popular blonde girl, or the quirky unique girl, there was an 'it girl' that fit every style. They all had their own hits, but it feels like it's been forever since we've caught up with our favorite 'it girls.' Let's check out what they look like now. 1. Winona RyderWarner Bros.She seemed as though she was the original 'manic pixie dream girl'


Which Iconic "It Girl" From The Last Four Decades Are You Most Like?

Every decade had a handful of young girls who were beautiful, stylish and possessed a lot of sex appeal. We bought posters of them, followed every aspect of their lives (especially who they were dating), and wore similar clothes and put our hair in the same style as them. These girls were obsessed over so much that some were even hated for being so popular, similar to what's going on this decade with the Kardashian-Jenner family. Medium"It girls" do not choose to be given that name, it's the name pop culture gives these iconic female role models. Here are