10 Things That Prove You Don't Know As Much About 'FernGully' As You Thought You Did

FernGully: The Last Rainforest was a beloved animated movie that came out in theaters in 1992, and it was well ahead of its time in regards to the message it was sending to kids. Before environmental activism became what it is today, FernGully was already laying the groundwork for children to truly appreciate what the beauty and fragility of nature was truly about. It might not be as popular in mainstream pop culture as many other animated flicks, but still it is worth remembering because it could mean the survival of the natural world that we still have around us.


7 Reasons 'Ya Gotta Believe' In 'Angels In The Outfield'

The 90s was probably the best decade to grow up in, partially because you got the best movies to watch. Whether they were the ones handed down from past generations or the ones that came out when we were young, there was just so much choice. Angels in the Outfield was one of those gems that we all loved. Buena Vista PicturesIt made baseball fun while introducing us to the one and only Joseph Gordon-Levitt! The movie was one a classic that we have loved for decades but how much do you remember about it? 1. It was a remakeWikipediaAngels


8 Movies We Believed Had "Happy" Endings That On Second Thought Really Weren't Happy At All

Everyone loves when the movie they are watching has a happy ending, where it seems like everything is wrapped up tight with a nice bow. But when we watch these movies, and see how they end, are they really "happy" endings? Or can we look a little deeper and realize that the whole thing could be considered a massive sham? These 8 movies have those "happy" endings, but when you get down to the bare bones of what really just happened, your mind will be sufficiently blown by what you realize you have missed. 1. Independence DayGreat movie. It was


10 Incredible Movies You'll Feel Like A Monster For Forgetting

The 90s was full of amazing movies that we all loved to watch. Of course, there were all the classic Disney movies and blockbusters that are still talked about to this day, but there were a lot of amazing movies that people have managed to forget about. We should all take some time and appreciate all the forgotten movies of the 90s. If you were lucky enough to remember these classics, then you should probably pass them on to some of your friends! 1. We're BackUniversal PicturesEasily one of the best movie's of the 90s and no one seems to


It's Been 20 Years Since Air Bud Made Us All Want Dogs, But What Is That Lucky Kid Up To Now?

Buddy, the dog from Air Bud, made us all think that owning a dog would be great! You would get to save them from a terrible owner while also getting a new best friend! Walt Disney PicturesAs it turns out, owning a dog is a lot more work than that. They aren't all glamorous and athletic like Buddy, some of them are downright lazy. See, this goofball has never even touched a basketball. Tanya RuiterHere are just some of ways the Air Bud franchise completely lied to us. Dogs are often times barely coordinated enough to walk, let alone hover

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What Went On Behind The Scenes Of "Mary Poppins" Will Leave You Smiling For The Rest Of The Day

Mary Poppins is one of those classic movies that has transcended generations. It doesn't matter that the movie came out all the way back in 1964. Walt Disney PicturesThe movie is just so iconic and fun that kids love it no matter when they were born. They are even making a sequel to it starring Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel-Miranda. Walt Disney PicturesBecause the original is such a classic, it's fun to imagine that Julie Andrews really has a flying umbrella and Dick Van Dyke really did love dancing on roof tops. The truth is, a lot of work went


10 Things From Spy Kids That Have Really Stuck With You Over The Years

Spy Kids was fantastic. That is just a fact and you cannot convince me that this is not true. The film came out over 15 years ago now, but you know what, it holds up! MiramaxThe movie was a great spy/adventure movie that made you feel super powerful as a kid. It also made us all a little bit suspicious of our parents. Maybe they were secret spies too...MiramaxIt really was a great movie that has stuck with a lot of us for a long time, maybe because it is kind of messed up, or maybe because it's


Are Your Opinions Of 80s Movies Garbage? Vote Here To Find Out!

We all have our favorite movies, but how many of us share the same ones? There's a lot of choices out there, but some are more popular than others, whether it's because they have certain actors, a specific theme, or a common director. There is no real way to decide which is the best, but there is a very easy way to decide which movies are the most popular! Vote below to pick out your favorite movies from these specific categories and see if your opinions match the majority or if you are truly unique!Best Robot Movie? Robots are


It's Almost Been 30 Years Since They Shrunk, But What Do The Kids Look Like Now?

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids is one of those classic movies that just completely swept us away into a crazy world that somehow became believable. Suddenly we all dreamed about eating that giant cookie and assumed our neighbors had shrink rays in their attics. The fact that this ridiculous concept worked so well is probably due to the acting. Sure, we all know that Rick Moranis is a super star and we wish he would come back to acting, but the kids held their own and helped make the movie what it was. Ever wonder what happened to the kids