How Being Bugs Bunny Saved Mel Blanc's Life After A Near-Fatal Accident

Some people believe that their job defines them, but really there is something that matters more. The things that you absolutely love to do explain a lot more about your personality than your job does. There are however, a few lucky people who's job IS the thing they love to do. Mel Blanc was one of those people. OpenCultureThe iconic voice actor got his start on radio, doing multiple character voices on a program called The Hoot Owls. His credits started piling up, with countless radio shows and numerous characters all becoming synonymous with his name. But everything changed when

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Some Of Your Old Looney Tunes Merchandise Might Actually Be Worth A Small Fortune

Looney Tunes have been around since long before a lot of us were born, but that didn't stop them from being one of the best and most popular shows in the 70s, 80s, and even the 90s. It was by far the best Sunday morning cartoon to watch with your family no matter when you grew up. Then the 90s delivered to us one of the greatest movies of all time: Space Jam. Between the weekend episodes of Merrie Melodies and rewatching the best sports movie of all time, we were all essentially obsessed with Bugs Bunny and friends. GiphyWarner


90s Kids Rejoice: Space Jam is Coming Back To Theaters

It's been almost 20 years since Space Jam first came out in theaters. Yup. You read that right. 20 whole years. November 15th, 1996: the day the entire world changed for the better. And now, for the 20th anniversary of undeniably the best cartoon-live action crossover about Looney Tunes playing basketball, Space Jam will be coming back to theaters. It won't be everywhere, and it won't be permanent, but 450 theaters across the United States will be blessed with the privilege of screening the blockbuster hit on November 13th and November 16th. It will also include a more recent Looney


90's Things We All Wish Were Still Socially Acceptable

If chokers can make a comeback, why can't something else?The 90's were filled with a myriad of incredible trends with enough variety to please everyone. But when Y2K happened, it's like no one ever cared about jelly shoes and slap bracelets anymore. Things changed, man. People got tech-savvy and everyone started paying attention to personal style and what's "cool." Here are some of our favorite things from the 90's that we wish still had a place in our world.1. Yelling "NOT!" after complimenting someone.The ultimate roast. The ol' switcharoo. Making someone think you complimented them and then


A New Looney Tunes Show Is Coming And They Are Going Back To Basics

Every time Porky Pig said "That's All Folks" we knew he was lying. There was always going to be more, it was just all there was for that episode. We've been happy and blessed to have continuing Looney Tunes adventures for decades now, and the world wouldn't be the same without it. Whether you were a fan of Bugs, Daffy, Porky, or Foghorn Leghorn, there were tons of characters to enjoy and now they are going to come back to our TVs once again. Warner Bros.That's right! The Looney Tunes are coming back and yes, I know there have