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Some Of Your Old Looney Tunes Merchandise Might Actually Be Worth A Small Fortune

Looney Tunes have been around since long before a lot of us were born, but that didn't stop them from being one of the best and most popular shows in the 70s, 80s, and even the 90s. It was by far the best Sunday morning cartoon to watch with your family no matter when you grew up.

Then the 90s delivered to us one of the greatest movies of all time: Space Jam. Between the weekend episodes of Merrie Melodies and rewatching the best sports movie of all time, we were all essentially obsessed with Bugs Bunny and friends.

Warner Bros made sure to capitalize on the most popular characters. There was everything from blankets to salt shakers. Seriously, quite the spread.

Here are some of the best merchandise you probably remember having at one point, or at the very least, wish you had! Not everything is worth all that much money, but sometimes memories are more valuable.

Tasmanian Devil Space Jam Stuffed Toy

Bugs Bunny Space Jame Stuffed Toy

The best mugs ever

This strange Polly Pocket / Mighty Max thing inside Bugs Bunny's head

How about a camera with a lens through Sylvester's nose?

Or a mug that can stay warm for hours because it has an external heating pad!

Would you like some valances to top off those blinds?

Look at this lovely battery operated pepper mill!

This toothpaste tube is a bit on the old side, but did you know they made Looney Tunes toothpaste?

But some of these old Looney Tunes items are actually worth a lot now! Check out the next page to see some of the big ticket items!

These bookends are broken yet they are still listed for $150!?

For only $250 you can have this super cool Yosemite Sam desk lamp!

This Sylvester and Tweety lamp is $350

This kind of awful looking set of bookends is $250

This Yosemite Sam bulletin board is $75!

And this Lola Bunny statue is 15 inches tall and is listed at $500!

Did you ever have any of these old toys? Share if you remember any of them!