No One Remembers This Mario TV Show, But It Might Be The Strangest Thing Ever Made

No one seems to remember this bizarre piece of television history. Everyone who I have ever asked about this show denies that it existed, but obviously it was a real thing because I am not capable of making it up, it's too weird. Maybe people are just trying to forget it because of how awful it was? What show am I talking about? The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! And yes, the exclamation point is part of the title. The show only lasted one season, but wow did it ever leave an impression (on those who haven't blocked it out)


For Those Of Us Without A Nintendo, These Were The Next Best Thing.

There were a lot of us who couldn't afford the latest gaming systems when we were young, so we had to find our own coping mechanisms to deal with that sadness. Some decided they didn't like video games and instead played with other toys, some would spend a lot of time with their friends who had them, and some would instead get one of these little handheld games and pretend it was just as good. Theses little "Electronic Hand Held Games" were the closest we could get without spending too much money, so we went with it. They would usually


The Struggle Was Real. 28 Issues All 90s Kids Dealt With While Playing Nintendo 64

The 90s were a wonderful time for the world of video games. You had PC games starting to become a real thing, we had the Sega, and the first Playstation, but most importantly, Nintendo introduced the N64. The N64 was without a doubt (in my opinion at least) the greatest gaming system. Just because it was the greatest, didn't mean it wasn't without it's issues. Here are the biggest struggles of playing N64.        Giphy    1. You had to fight for the fancy colored controllers        Giphy    If you wanted

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Universal Studios Has Apparently Started Building The Nintendo Park And We're Screaming

While it's been known since 2015 that Nintendo was teaming up with Universal to create a park that would give all of us a chance to explore our dream worlds, it's been a long time before we got any news. But now, three years later, Universal has finally started building. I know, I'm screaming too. The best thing about this park is that while the first one is getting built in Japan, they aren't stopping at one. The Nintendo theme park will be coming to both Orlando AND Hollywood. That means we don't have to take these huge international trips

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Rumors Claim N64 Classic Console To Be Announced Soon, Here's What We Know So Far

Apparently the announcement of whether or not the N64 Classic will exist isn't what we need to be worried about, it's more of a when will it be coming out. Nintendo's just had a big showcase called Nintendo Direct that highlights all of their upcoming projects, and many sources claimed that it would be the day that the official details of the N64 classic would be released.Nintendo Direct is a big deal every year for gamers, and with this year's release of the new Super Smash Bros. game, fans have good reason to celebrate. But right now, people are

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Duck Hunt "Secret" Is Going Viral Thanks To Seth Rogen

Duck Hunt is one of those games that managed to become an all-time favorite even though the premise was so simple. All you needed to do was shoot the ducks using that big ol' controller, but it was still super tricky. We all played it a lot though, whether it was because the game was actually fun or if it was because it was our only option, we can't ever be sure. The game may have come out in America in 1987, and was so popular it was actually added to more modern systems as a downloadable game. But there's

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NES Classics Are Coming Back To Stores Way Sooner Than Anyone Thought

Remember when the NES Classic came out? Remember the frantic frenzy we all experienced while we rushed to the stores to buy one, or spent all day refreshing the website to order online?Well, now you're getting your change to get one, because Nintendo has decided to re-release the NES Classic! The 8-bit system came out back in 2016, after The original NES was out of production for decades. They made the machine a little smaller, but the controllers were the same, and now it was actually loaded with a bunch of the iconic games we all love to play.