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We're Another Step Closer To Getting An N64 Classic Edition And It's All We Want

Okay, so a couple of years ago Nintendo released the NES Classic. It brought back all of our favorite games off the original console, and it sold out almost instantly.

Then just last year, the SNES Classic that brought back the wonderful Super Nintendo. We got to play games like Yoshi's Island and Donkey Kong Country all over again, but still we've been patiently waiting for what's next.

SNES Classic

The Rumors Began

In July 2017, there was a leak of information that hinted that Nintendo may be on the track of creating a N64 Classic Edition due to a trademark they were securing that was clearly the N64 controller, but they never really spoke out about it. Much to our discontent.

While we've waited (impatiently) for months and months, still enjoying our SNES Classics, we've all been dreaming about the possibilities.

Don't lie, you know that N64 was the best console ever. Sure, it's not the first console ever, but it is arguably the best.

I know everyone has their own different opinions, but how could you claim that N64 is anything less than the best? Between the best Mario Kart game ever, Super Mario 64, and Golden Eye, there really is no competition.

The Rumors Are Back With New Details

Waiting for so long may have dampened your spirits, but guess what, there is an update. Before you get excited, nothing is confirmed yet, but we're getting closer by the second.

We now know that Nintendo has officially filed for trademark applications on the N64, which means that they will have the ability to once again begin manufacturing the device.

But it probably won't be like the old N64s with the bulky cartridges, chances are Nintendo will manufacture a system just like the SNES and NES Classic Editions. They come pre-loaded with a bunch of your favorite games, so you don't need to have stacks of cartridges sitting around.

The SNES Classic came with 21 games built in, where the NES Classic had 30, but they both connected to your TV using an HDMI cable instead of the old school red, white, and yellow cables we all used to get tangled everywhere.


The main difference that has some people nervous is that N64 really focused on the multiplayer aspect, which means you'll need to get four controllers with it. Well, if you want to have a proper Mario Kart Grand Prix that is.

This would likely drive up the cost of the unit. The NES console came on the market at $89, where the SNES was $99. Chances are the new system (if it ever comes out) will have to cost over $100.

If they can manage to keep it under $150 though, it'll still be a good deal assuming they can get all the best games on it.

The N64 had the best games in the universe. Seriously, there is no comparison. If they do release this system, I am going to demand that they put these games on it:

1. Super Mario 64

It literally would be broken if it didn't have this game on it. The iconic, classic, and perfect Super Mario game that gave you so much more to do then just run to the right would be the most crucial game on this system.

If you owned an N64 in the 90s, you owned this game. Maybe if they brought it back I could finally get that last star I could never find.

2. Goldeneye

His name is Bond, James Bond, and for some reason his game was the most fun and competitive game out there.

The "No Odd Job" rule was pretty universal if you were playing multiplayer, but the fact that the game was this fun even though the graphics were that bad, means that it's obviously perfect and deserves to be on there.

3. Mario Kart 64

While Mario Kart is one of the games on the SNES Classic, when you actually try to play it, you feel so off. It's somehow so much harder and less natural than Mario Kart 64.

Not to mention you'll never see a better Rainbow Road, I don't care what you say, this game was perfect.

4. Mario Party

The perfect party game, Mario Party was one of those things that you start playing with a smile on your face, but by the end of it there are screaming matches over Chance Time results.

But here's the thing, even if you lost all your coins or stars, you still got to play those mini-games every round and I'll never miss a chance to play Bowser's Facelift.

5. Super Smash Bros.

Smash Bros. was the perfect companion game to Mario Party, because first you'd get all mad at your friends for stealing all your stars and then you could go completely nuts and shoot them with laser guns or hit them with that weird automatic hammer.

The game was very cathartic, which was great for all that childhood angst, but even if you weren't mad, you could team up and take out all the other teams together. It's a very important bonding experience obviously.

6. Banjo Kazooie

I still make the noises that Kazooie makes all the time. I feel like he's very underappreciated for the amount of work that he does. I mean, think about it, he's a weird bird that has to carry a big ol' bear up mountains all the time? That seems unfair.

Either way, it was an amazing game and it deserves more love.

7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Obviously an N64 Classic wouldn't be complete without Ocarina of Time. Hands up if you still know Epona's song by heart? Everyone? Perfect.

This is one of the best games of all time, and it truly was one of a kind. Sure, the new Zelda game is obviously perfect and beautiful, but this one was so iconic and such an important part of our past that we need to play it again.

8. Starfox 64

Starfox was another one of those games that you needed to own, simply because you may as well buy it because it was the best way to get a rumble pack. You aren't going to buy one separately but obviously you want to know what all the fuss s about.

While we all still hate Slippy, we can all agree that this was one of the best 4 player games ever, and the story mode for a single player was so addictive.

9. Diddy Kong Racing

A lot of people forget about this game because they obviously focus on Mario Kart, but Diddy Kong Racing was a very good game.

You got to fly planes, use hover crafts, AND drive little carts, and you could do that all in the same level. It was nice to have such a choice in the game and there were some pretty adorable characters to play as.

10. Donkey Kong 64

The song for this is still stuck in my head, but that's okay because it's a real jam. I always liked to play as Lanky Kong because when you walked really slow his movements became absolutely ridiculous and it made me laugh every single time.

Obviously we don't know for sure when they will release the N64 Classic, because it hasn't even been officially announced yet, but this year's E3 convention (the biggest gaming convention of the year) is in a few weeks so we should hopefully find out more soon!

Which games do you think should be on an N64 Classic if they make one?

Here are 20 of the best N64 games to help you decide which ones you think need to be on there.

Honestly I hope this comes back, although all my friends better watch out because sometimes you just can't help how competitive you get.

There was a lot that we went through with the N64, but given the chance I know we would all do it again. Palm blisters and all.

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