11 Popeye Facts That'll Make You Feel Just Like You've Just Eaten A Can Of Spinach

The movie Popeye may not be what most people think of when they remember Robin Williams, but the movie deserves much more credit than it gets. Is it a little bizarre? Yes, it sure it. But is it fun anyways? Of course! The fantastical and wonderful movie that many people forget has an interesting history and a lot of work was put into it. Even though it didn't succeed as expected, it still brings a lot of joy to the people who do love it. If you've never seen it, you really should. Maybe these facts will help get you


Shelley Duval Says That Robin Williams Is Alive And She Knows Where He Is

Robin Williams was one of our generations finest actors. He was a comedic genius with a mind that was constantly running a mile a minute. He was more clever than any of us could ever hope to be, and we were lucky to have had him for the short time we did. While he passed away too young, Williams made a lot of amazing hit movies. Movies like Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, and Good Will Hunting all proved he was capable at making entertaining content that we all loved. But his first big staring role in a motion picture was actually


8 Wild Facts About "Jumanji" You've Only Seen In Your Nightmares

When it comes to 90s family movies, Jumanji was one of the titles that keeps popping up. This blockbuster adventure film offered the perfect mix of adrenaline and anxiety that captivated audiences and broke box office records. Staring the Shepherd siblings played by Bradley Pierce and Kirsten Dunst, the kids played a magical board game that released wild animals and natural disasters that only disappeared after the game was finished. In the process they meet Alan Parrish, played by the lovable Robin Williams, who had been trapped in Jumanji for 26 years. Leaving no terror to the imagination, a new


The Ultimate 'Mork & Mindy' Fact List That Proves You Don't Know Shazbot

Robin Williams has left his mark on this world as a figure of life, energy, and happiness. While we mostly know him from his zany movie roles, we often overlook the time he truly did come from another planet!The hit show Mork & Mindy was a short-lived sitcom that has spawned a ton of cultural references that everyone repeats, but not many people seem to know the origin of. If you're looking to learn exactly where those rainbow suspenders came from, or if you remember watching this when it was still on TV, buckle up, because we're crash-landing this list


The Cast Of 'Hook' Clearly Left Never Never Land Because Now They're All Grown Up

This was one of my favorite films growing up and is definitely the best adaptation from the original Peter Pan story! What happens when the boy who never grows up decides to settle down and start a family?Turns out he gets pretty uptight, but then again, if you spent your whole life lounging with mermaids and fighting pirates, being a lawyer might knock you down a peg. Since the movie came out in 1991, the stars of this magical rescue story have had some pretty wild adventures of their own. But they can always be found in that place


6 Things About "Good Will Hunting" That You Can't Just Read In A Book

By now, if you haven't seen this incredibly witty and emotional classic film you've either been living under a rock, or are too much of a genius to have ever left the library. But either way, don't worry. It's not your fault. The character drama about a boy genius who is making his way through life in Boston has had an unbelievably strong pull on audiences for the past three decades. Whether it was because of the lovable debut of screenwriters Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the gripping performance by Robin Williams, or the narrative around a prodigy who has


10 Robin Williams Moments That Will Keep His Legacy Alive Forever

America's most beloved comedian and actor passed away a few years ago, but his comedic legacy will always remain. Williams acted in some of his best works in the 1990s, such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Flubber, Dead Poet's Society, Good Morning Vietnam, Patch Adams, and the list goes on and on and on. View post on imgur.comHere are 10 extraordinary times Williams made us cry with laughter. When he became Mrs. Doubtfire and had a blast cleaning his ex-wife's house.I'm still trying to learn those dance moves. The time when he impersonated famous people in Dead Poet's Society. We


11 Facts About Robin Williams That Will Make You Miss Him Even More

Robin Williams is an icon. He has been in so many of the wonderful movies that defined our childhoods. Whether he was playing Peter Pan, a magical genie, or a wonderful nanny, he was absolutely perfect. GiphyWilliams passed away in 2014 and left us all a little bit devastated. But luckily, we have his entire body of work to look back on to remember him for the enigma that he was. His life was an interesting adventure, and it's time you got to know more about the man who was such a big part of your life. GiphyHere are 11


The New Jumanji Movie Will Feature A Tribute To Robin Williams

Everyone tends to be a little uneasy with reboots, remakes and sequels and for fair reason. Sometimes you go to see a sequel or remake years after the original and it's absolute garbage, but every once and a while one slips through the status quo and manages to do quite well. The latest reboot that has been under question is the new Jumanji. The classic 90s movie staring Robin Williams is one of those 90s hits that is still perfection. IMDBWhen they said they were remaking the movie everyone got pretty concerned, but now one of the stars has spoken