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The New Jumanji Movie Will Feature A Tribute To Robin Williams

Everyone tends to be a little uneasy with reboots, remakes and sequels and for fair reason. Sometimes you go to see a sequel or remake years after the original and it's absolute garbage, but every once and a while one slips through the status quo and manages to do quite well.

The latest reboot that has been under question is the new Jumanji. The classic 90s movie staring Robin Williams is one of those 90s hits that is still perfection.


When they said they were remaking the movie everyone got pretty concerned, but now one of the stars has spoken up about how they plan to honor Williams and the original movie to try to ease some doubts.

Jack Black will be playing Professor Shelly Oberon in the movie that is set to be released December 22nd 2017 and will be joined by Karen Gillian and Dwayne Johnson (from all the movies now). Also starring in the movie are Kevn Hart, Missi Pyle and Nick Jonas.


The movie is apparently changing how the format is because I guess kids today don't play board games anymore. Now, four high school kids find an old video game console and are pulled into the world that is Jumanji.

The exciting part is what Jack Black just revealed about how the two movies connect! Click to the next page to see what Black said about the plot.

Jack Black was recently interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter and said that there is a lot of little things that connect the original with the new movie.


He said "We're exploring this jungle and trying to conquer the game; it's life or death. But while we're there, we find clues left behind by [Williams' character, Alan Parrish]."


Black also let us know that "He built up a full-blown jungle house, similar to a Swiss Family Robinson situation. It's like he's there helping us without actually being there."

Does anyone else ever look at Dwayne Johnson and wonder how he is the same species as the rest of us? Just me...ok.IMDB

While it's going to be weird that we won't get the same board game scenario as in the first one, it's interesting that we actually get to go inside the jungle. Jack explains that "[In the original] you never got to see the inside world. But this one takes place primarily inside the jungle of Jumanji. That's the coolest part of the film — we're able to transport the audience to that secret and wondrous land, with the danger and the beauty."

What do you think? Are you excited to see inside the Jumanji jungle or is it better left as it was in the 90s?

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