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20 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Why Can't Adults Have Summers Off?"

There was nothing better than getting to that final day of elementary school and knowing you were going to have two solid months of fun and adventure. You knew that in September you'd have to head back to class, but July and August were free for whatever you could imagine.

Everyone had a different idea of what made for the perfect summer. Some kids liked to play outside, others had a bunch of video games they wanted to beat, while others were excited just to relax. No matter what you liked to do, I think we can all agree that summer vacation was the best.

These 20 pictures will bring you right back to your childhood and make you wish you could have summer vacation all over again.

1. Drinking Koolaid was always the best from these cups

2. Eating a Toaster Strudel for breakfast

3. Playing The Sims for way too long

4. Spending all day in your super cool treehouse

5. Going on family vacations

6. Seeing this before every movie you watched

7. Attaching baseball cards to your bike to sound like you were zooming around extra fast

8. Or if you didn't want the baseball cards you could go with the plastic spokes

9. Then racing your friends around the block going full speed without a care in the world

10. Drawing all over the driveway with chalk

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11. Eating all the bagel bites you could get your hands on

12. Pulling out the Slip 'N Slide on those really hot days

13. Taking care of that Tamagotchi

14. Or trying to teach your Furby some new words

15. Playing one of the amazing Tiger Electronic games

16. Going for sleepovers at your friends houses in your new sleeping bag

17. Trying to use a SkipIt without destroying your ankles

18. Having your juice in triangle form

19. Playing Solitaire all the time

20. And of course, playing Mario over and over until you finally make it to the end

Do any of these images make you wish you had two months off every summer?