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The Blade 2049 Runner Trailer Is As Good As It Is Beautiful

In the 35 years since Blade Runner came out, it has become one of the most important and most iconic sci-fi films ever made. Many of the themes and issues raised in the original have, if anything, only become increasingly relevant as we've moved into the digital age. With that in mind, the timing of the long-awaited sequel Blade Runner 2049 is basically perfect. We've already talked about the teaser that dropped in December, but now they've finally given us the first official trailer and hot damn does it ever deliver.

Same, Ryan. Same.Giphy

Ridley Scott is back as executive producer, but this time he's handed over the director's chair to Denis Villeneuve, who proved he was definitely more than capable of taking over with last year's Arrival. He also recently signed on to direct to reboot of Dune, a book that has never really translated well to film, so he's definitely not afraid to tackle complex and hard-to-tell stories. Harrison Ford is also back as Rick Deckard, but this time around the focus is going to be more on Ryan Gosling's Officer K, who discovers a dark secret that could tear humanity apart.

The new trailer not only gives us a much more detailed look at the stunning and beautifully gritty neo-noir world of the Blade Runner universe, but also a look at the rest of the cast beyond our two titular Blade Runners. Jared Leto looks like he's going to absolutely chew the scenery as our mysterious villain and we also got very brief looks at the characters played by Robin Wright and Ana de Armas. Edward James Olmos is also back to reprise his role as Gaff.

The whole trailer is just absolutely epic, and makes it very, very hard to wait until October 6th for the film's release.  If watching this doesn't get you excited, you might just be a replicant.