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The Development of Video Games from 1970’s: The Most Iconic Games in the Early Years

Video games have come a long way since the 1970’s and it’s remarkable to think where we are right now because the gaming scene has developed and improved so much within the years. In 2022, the game graphics and gameplay has changed so much and that is due to the technological advancements within the previous 5-10 years. Nowadays, there are so many games available on so many platforms, it’s impossible to play and even hear of all the games on the market, wherever you’re a passionate gamer or not. There are even games available on the internet where you can play and have the possible chance to win money, you can do that here at casino genie by playing traditional casino games like poker, blackjack and much more. Furthermore, within this article, we will explore the iconic games in the early years of gaming.

It was only in the 1960’s that computers were first introduced into society as a tool for people outside of the industry. Harvard University was the first place of education that offered computer programming classes. The use of computers was primarily used for business, especially for government and military applications. The associated increase in computer programming made it possible for games to be created and distributed to the public, leading to the first commercial video game.

However, it wasn’t till 1972 that one of the first video games were released and that was Ping Pong. This game was released on the Atari’s 2600 game console for a price of $180-199. Video game consoles were not quite as prevalent in 1972 as they are today, there were already numerous games available for purchase on the Atari’s 2600 game console but Ping-pong was the game that was the most commonly played.

Shortly after the release of Ping-Pong, in 1978, the public saw the release of Space Invaders, this game was a very popular arcade game that sold over 12 million copies. Shortly after again, in 1980, Pac-Man was released and that game generated a huge amount of revenue, around 13 billion copies were sold at that time period.

In 1981, the world then saw the release of Donkey Kong which was developed by Nintendo and Frogger by Konami. Donkey Kong even to this very day is popular and many people still talk about it, the creator of Donkey Kong is Shigeru Miyamoto.