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7 Facts About 'The Nanny' That Even Your Ma Doesn't Know

She had style, she had flair, she was there, that's how she became the nanny!

The Nanny was one of the most iconic shows of the 90s. The characters all felt original and fun, the plot was just outrageous enough that it was hilarious, and it had enough heart to keep us invested. The series lasted for six seasons, and over those years we were all completely in love with this woman who seemed to stand out more than anyone ever would like to.


Between her iconic laugh, her big hair, and her colorful outfits, Fran Fine was the perfect lead for the show. The actress who played her, Fran Drescher, was so amazing at making this potentially laughable character feel real and helped us all connect with her.


As iconic as the show was, there is still a lot of facts that people don't know. Here are 7 interesting things that you'll want to run home and tell your Ma about!

1. C.C. Babcock's dog, Chester, actually belonged to Fran Descher


The dog's real name was Chester, but the reason he loved Fran so much more than C.C., was because he just wanted to spend time with his real mom!

2. The Nanny dolls were popular for a little while

They were kind of like Barbies only with a lot more hair.

3. Accent confusion


Charles Shaughnessy played Mr. Sheffield, and he would often receive complaints about his "bad accent". The complaints told him that he should sound more like Daniel Davis's character, Niles. The problem was that Shaughnessy was actually born in London, where Davis was born in Arkansas!

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4. Daniel Davis's accent was so good it fooled the casting directors


Davis said that, "at the audition I pulled out English Accent No. 2, and they bought it! We had finished the pilot before I told anyone I wasn’t British."

5. The actress who played Gracie hated being on the show


In an interview, Madeline Zima said, "it wasn’t a fun experience. They treated me more like a prop than like a human being.”

6. Drescher got the meeting about the show after meeting a network executive on a plane


She was seated next to a CBS executive so she got herself hyped up to pitch the show. They were intrigued and agreed to have a meeting with her to discuss the idea further.

7. The actresses who played Sylvia and Yetta had an age difference of five years


Even though Yetta was supposed to play Sylvia's mom, Ann Morgan Guillbert is only five year's older than Renée Taylor.

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