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The Original Tamagotchi Is Back So Now A Whole New Generation Can Fail At Keeping Them Alive

Flickr - Daniela Leiva Gulppi

Who else remembers the first creature you were responsible taking care of? Sure, your family may have had a dog or a cat that you claimed you'd "walk every day" or "clean the litter box" but we all know you never did.

Instead, all of us can thank our Tamagotchis for teaching us about responsibility. We learned very quickly that if we didn't take care of them properly they were going to die. It was a hard lesson to learn as a young kid, but we all managed it well.

Whether it needed to be fed, played with, or put to sleep, our Tamagotchi's ran our whole lives. I mean, it got to be so obsessive that a lot of our schools banned them because of how much of our focus was taken by these digital pets.

To them, they were just little electronic distractions, but to us, they were our beloved companions. They were with us day and night, never leaving our sides, often seen clipped onto the straps of our overalls.

The satisfaction of keeping your Tamagotchi alive for any length of time was unparalleled. No aced math test, no trophy, and no snow day could compete with the joy of waking up to find your Tamagotchi was still kicking.

While many of us have retired our Tamagotchis years ago, and subsequently lost them, we now have a chance to buy them again.

Tamagotchis first came back to the shelf in 2017, but they made a few changes to them that had a lot of people asking them to switch back to the good ol' fashioned designs from their childhood. And now people are getting their wish.

Bandai America's marketing director Tara Badie said that fans were "clamoring for the return of the originals."

“We have decided to bring back the original Tamagotchi with some new additions that will keep the classic look and feel of the original game, but with new colors that will bring the device to life like never before.”

They're going to have a bunch of color options like stripped tiger, red glitter, mermaid, rainbow, and many more that'll make you feel like you jumped head-first back into the 90s.

You can buy yourself a new Tamagotchi now at Target, for only $9.99.

Source - PRNewswire / Variety

Will you be picking up a Tamagotchi?