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Tickle-Me-Elmo Without Fur Is The Most Horrifying You Will See All Day

There are some things from your past that will forever remain locked away in your mind. Sounds specifically are stored away as these vivid and ever-present memories that will never leave your brain. The noise that a Tickle-Me-Elmo makes is one of those noises.

Whether or not you owned one of these little Muppets,  you absolutely knew what they sounded like. Well, someone has done something truly horrific and also kind of amazing and you really need to see it.

Now that sound that haunts your dreams is going to get a whole lot freakier. Someone took all of poor Elmo's fur from his tiny robotic body and now when he laughs it just looks 10,000% scarier.

The mouth, the legs, the tiny pointy arms... All of it will haunt your dreams. Are you brave enough to watch it?