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15 Times Super Dave Osborne Risked His Life For Our Entertainment

First appearing on The John Byner Comedy Hour before becoming a regular character on shows like Van Dyke and Company, Bizarre, and his own show, Super Dave Osborne was an Evel Knievel parody played by longtime comedian Bob Einstein.

Dave always set himself up for incredibly dangerous stunts (which were masterminded by his incomprehensible sidekick, Fuji Hakayito), only to get horribly maimed in the process. It was very obviously a dummy getting hurt, and we all loved his hilarious schtick, so here's 15 great moments from the living legend's career.

His started off innocently enough...

Then there was the time where he got wrecked by a wrecking ball

Or when he was a living archery target

Let's never forget his car wreck stunt

Or when his "roller-skis" went horribly wrong

Remember that time he jumped from the top of a building?

Super Dave's stunts only got more insane from here...

Playing piano on the back of a truck seemed like such a great idea at the time...

His stunt school went about as well as could be expected...

Then there's his bungee jump

The crazy bastard actually went up against Mr. T!

He kinda lost his head during one of his stunts...

But nothing could stop him from his... attraction to his line of work

Of course a monster truck got involved at some point

What was he even thinking here?

Really though, he just seems like the best

What was your favorite Super Dave Osborne stunt?