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Tom Hanks' Brother Takes Over For Him All The Time And None Of Us Noticed

Alan Light - Wikimedia Commons / Disney - Pixar

Having a sibling is an interesting experience, because everyone seems to deal with it differently. A lot of people get along great with their siblings, while other people have a really hard time finding common ground.

However, Tom Hanks, everyone's favorite actor, gets along great with his brother. While that doesn't sound like it should be anything all that notable, the truth is, his relationship with his brother is unlike most other people in the world.

Not only do they share a family, but they actually have shared a lot of career moments.

Jim Hanks is five years younger than Tom, and started acting a decade after him. While it's not unusual for two siblings to step into the spotlight, what is unusual is that they actually work together on a lot of projects.

And no, I don't mean that they play off of each other as two different characters, but instead, Jim has been known to replace Tom as Woody from Toy Story.

Toy Story

Tom revealed this in an interview, and even though it was a few years ago that he said this, it still seems kind of crazy.

As it turns out, Jim steps in for one of Tom's most favorite characters, Woody from Toy Story often. "There are so many computer games and video things, and Jim ... he just works on those all year long," Tom said in the interview with Graham Norton.

Whether it's a video game, a shorter movie, or something that doesn't require the Oscar-winning actor's time, Jim is happy to step in and take over.

Luckily, Jim has spent a lifetime with Tom so he can get all of the speech patterns and mannerisms down pat, so much so that most of us probably didn't realize that there were any discrepencies in the voice acting.

But it's not the only thing that Jim has done. He also stepped in as Tom's stunt double for Larry Crowne, and did some of the running for Forrest Gump. He's also acted on his own in other projects, but it's crazy to think that any video game or toy you had that had Woody's voice was actually Jim and not Tom!

Must be nice to have a brother who is happy to help you out! It seems like Jim is happy with being in the background a little bit though. He's obviously been very successful, but he's mentioned that he wouldn't be able to handle how his brother is constantly swarmed.

"I've traveled with Tom, and stuff like that, and I see the crap that he goes through," Jim said. "But he's incredibly gracious about it, I mean, it's mind blowing. But not being able to go to Third Street Promenade without getting mobbed? That's, I don't know."

At least the two Hanks boys have found a way to work together in a way that they are both happy!

Would you ever share jobs with your sibling?  

Source - Mental Floss / Hello Giggles