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Top tips how successfully develop YouTube and attract a new active audience for organic channel growth

Photo by Eyestetix Studio on Unsplash

YouTube is a very wide platform that combines in itself both search engines and social networks. The amount of videos that are uploaded here daily is huge. And YouTube is incredibly useful for ones who seek popularity online and beyond. Despite the capacity of current paid services like that provide stats, bloggers have to aim not only to buy organic YouTube views but to attract new viewers for their content naturally. In the condition of modern competition, this seems to be a hard task, however, there are many ways to increase activity on your channel and get new subscribers organically. Here are collected top effective tips that will help you to grow your YouTube channel in 2022.

Optimize Your Profile

One of the proven ways to increase your discoverability on the platform is to boost your SEO, so your account is easy to find by the target audience. Another purpose of good optimization is that by providing all the right data on your profile, new users who found your videos occasionally, can understand if they are interested in your content in general and thus subscribe to your channel.

The main power of YouTube SEO lies in keywords. You have to choose your range of terms wisely and make all your texts keyword-rich so the system is able to categorize and suggest your content properly.

Here is a short guide on finding the right keywords for you. Start with a YouTube search, and type in the exact topic that you wish to cover in your video. Then you will see all the related titles and terms that people use the most when they look for similar content. Check out top-ranked videos in this area to define what words can become your power.

Also, use third-party tools to help you. Some tools can track trendy keywords of the selected range and expose their potential to you, showing how competitive each of these terms will be.

Look Through Similar Content

Of course, to create and run a successful YouTube channel you need to know your competition. Probably the best way to do that research is to look through the industry on YouTube and watch top-ranked videos, as well as explore the channels of their authors. First of all, you will get a clear understanding of what kind of content is already present on the platform, and avoid plagiarism. Secondly, you can get inspiration, as you will see what clicks with the audience. It’s recommended to check out comments under popular videos and see what people like and don’t like about them. Collecting such data is important for you, excuse it helps to avoid some common mistakes and develop an effective strategy at once.

Thumbnail Magic

The main purpose of thumbnails is to motivate users to click on your video, so you must pay a lot of attention to this little picture. Basically, the thumbnail represents your video, so you have to make sure that it exposes the right amount of information so the viewer gets a clue for what it is about, and still, the intrigue remains. Here are the ground rules for making a good thumbnail:

  • Always go for custom images. YouTube doesn’t give any options except random screenshots, and that’s lame
  • Look for high-ranked videos in yo niche to see which style works best
  • Aim for minimalistic designs. The picture in YouTube UI is very small, so the fewer details it has, the better visibility is
  • Always add at least one relevant keyword to your image.
  • Create a consistent design to make your videos stand out from the others and also look more interesting and attractive on your channel, as they maintain your style.

Video Pre-production

The first of the famous trio that ensures that you create high-quality content that will be interesting to users and increase your retention rate. Retention is extremely important for ranking, and to achieve high results, you have to put a lot of effort into video creation. But it all starts with work before the filming has even started. You have to make sure that you have a complete vision of how your video will look and what you will put on there. The optimal method for that is scripting your future video, accumulating ideas, and eliminating unnecessary parts in it. Scripting also helps to maintain the balance between value and fun, keeping the engagement rate higher. And after all, it simply saves time for future filming, as you work with an approved scenario and don’t have to waste your resources on editing.

Production Process

So, your screenplay is ready and all the ideas are collected together, and now you start filming. Luckily, it is not necessary to buy expensive gear, there are many options for bloggers that have small budgets. But you must make sure that you have noiseless audio and a decent camera for an image.

Note that good sound is somewhat more important than video visual quality. The sound has to be clean, without echo or crisps that distract viewers or annoy them. Also make sure that your voice sounds loud enough, but without screaming. People get mad when they have to stretch their hearing in order to understand what you are saying. Well, it will be good to practice your speech too, making it confident and clean.

The second important aspect of your filming is light. There are many tutorials that can help you to set it upright. But you have to remember that the lighting has to correspond to your topic and mood.

Additional supplements. Watching a talking head video can be boring, so bloggers often use additional material that helps to entertain and engage the audience. You can either create it yourself or go for stock materials, as long as it fulfills your needs.


The last step that you take before uploading the video is the final preparation of it. Editing and refining every detail is what creates your style and personality. At this stage, you will add your supplementary materials, music, breakers, stickers, and all other assets that you wish.

Working Title

Another aspect that attracts more users is video titles. Naming is a tool that captures the attention of the user and makes them understand if that’s what they were looking for. Here are some tips for making good titles for your videos:

  • Don’t overload your naming with complex words. Keep your language simple, yet avoid jargon.
  • Try to squeeze your title in about 55 characters. This is the exact amount of characters that are visible in Google search results.
  • Target the pain points of your audience and offer them ideas and solutions.

Increase Engagement Using Comments

The comment section on YouTube is where communities are born. People go to comments not only to express their point of view but to find others who think the same. And it is vital for you to be active in your comments too, as this is how you can improve the loyalty of your audience and motivate them for more activity. Try to respond openly, engaging in conversations that have no end.

Be sensitive to what people say in comments because there you can get useful ideas for your further growth - and collect more information about the interests and moods of your target group.


Getting more activity on YouTube and attracting a new audience is hard because it requires much preparatory work and thorough analysis that takes time and resources. The ultimate goal is to create authentic and relatable content. Also, don't forget to boost your SEO and check it constantly to increase your visibility and discoverability on YouTube. Many aspects of your strategy depend on your capacity and productivity, but the time given for work on high-quality content will be repaid to you with the love and loyalty of your audience.