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Building The Magic - Vintage Photos Of The Construction Of Disney World

Disney's Magic Kingdom is one of the most magical places you can go. No matter what age you are you will be transported back to your childhood and even the most cynical person will have a hard time resisting the fun. After the passing of her grandmother, Kelly Wise Valdes was given a box of pictures that was filled dozens of pictures of the construction of Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Kelly's grandfather worked at Disney during the construction and even lived so close that when she would visit their house she could see the Magic Kindom fireworks from the front lawn. Her grandfather, Chet Wise was a craftsman and woodworker who was responsible for a lot of the architectural details in the Orlando theme park.  Her grandmother Betty Wise worked as an administrative assistant in the executive offices at Disney and both continued to work there until they retired.

Looking back at the pictures really shows the amount of work it took. Kelly explained that her grandfather took all of these pictures all himself back in 1971.

My grandfather had a large, heavy 35-millimeter camera, which I have, and he was working high on scaffolding. Some of his pictures from up high show the vastness of the whole construction site. Kelly Wise Valdes

Check these amazing pictures taken during the construction and see how the magic was made!