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10 Excellent Facts About Wayne's World That'll Make You Say "We Are Not Worthy"

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are two of the best comedians of our generation. Their work in Wayne's World really just proves that they are some of the funniest humans alive and they deserve all the love and praise. Wayne's World is one of those once in a life-time movies that will live on forever.

There is a lot interesting trivia about this movie that a lot of fans don't know. Did you ever wonder how they filmed that iconic scene at the airport? Or how Myers came up with the whole "gun rack"  gag? Well, get ready because we have 10 amazing facts about the classic comedy that you are going to love.

1. The original idea for Wayne's World was essentially wish fulfillment

Mike Myers says that he had always wanted to have his own local cable access show but he "couldn't get around to filling out the forms and stuff". Instead he made one of the best comedy movies in history, so I guess we are all winners here!

2. The Gasworks Bar was a real place

It was based on "The Gasworks" which was a heavy metal bar in Toronto, Canada that closed in 1993.

3. Tia Carrere did all her own singing

She actually did all the singing for the band she was in including her hit cover of "The Ballroom Blitz" which were all on the soundtrack.

4. Garth is based on a real person

Dana Carvey has a brother named Brad and he modeled Garth's unique mannerisms after him.

5. The airplane scene where Wayne and Garth are on the hood of the car was ad-libbed

It was the very last scene they shot in the 34 day shoot so they decided to do a lot of ad-libbing. Garth is asking if he ever found Bugs Bunny attractive caught Myers off guard so the laugh is genuine. Also, the airplane that flies over head was actually only a four-foot-long model.

6. The special connection to Queen is more than you think

While everyone knows that the Bohemian Rhapsody song helped bring Queen back into the public eye, you probably don't know the Freddie Mercury got to see the clip before he passed away because Mike Myers sent him the tape before it was released. Mercury passed away before the movie came out so he didn't get to experience the popularity of the classic song, but at least he got to see it!

7. Dana Carvey had an interesting injury on set

Because of Garth's overbite, Carvey experienced severe jaw pain at the end of each day. He would have to wrap his face each night with bags of ice to try and soothe it.

8. Carvey also did his own drumming

That impressive drum solo in the music shop is actually him playing.

9. The infamous "gun rack" scene is based on a real event in Mike Myers life

He says that after breaking up with an girlfriend she thought she could reconcile with him by buying him a gun rack. In this case she did it as a joke, hoping Myers would find it funny enough to stay together. While he obviously thought it was funny enough to be in a movie, he didn't go back to her. His ex-girlfriend saw the movie and was mortified to see the representation of her in the film, but he did apologize.

10. It is the biggest movie to come out of Saturday Night Live

The show has produced quite a few movies over the years, including A Night at the Roxbury, Coneheads and The Blues Brothers, but Wayne's World blew them all out of the water making over $100 million at the box office. The second highest was The Blues Brothers with $57 million.

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