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10 Classic Screensavers We All Stared At For Hours When We Were Bored

Back in ancient times, when computers weighed a metric ton and took up twice as much space as they do now (all so you could run a piece of tech that was a fraction of what our freaking cell phones are capable of now), computer monitors had cathode ray tubes in them, just like old TVs.

The problem with this was that tubes could burn out, and people had a tendency to leave their computers on for long periods of time. The solution? Screensavers! Companies even started getting creative with them very quickly, and the results were these 10 mini looping videos that we could honestly stare at for hours!

These flying toasters were absolutely huge for some reason.

The colorful Windows 95 pipes were absolutely mesmerizing. Did you know that teapots eventually show up?

Watching the stars fly by made you feel like you were in the Falcon with Han and Chewie.

It was pretty simple, but the flying Windows logos were actually pretty captivating.

Feeling nostalgic yet? Wait 'til you see the rest of these!

This box that would morph into a flower absolutely blew my mind back in elementary school.

The Beziers screensaver was pretty neat back in the day.

We all knew at least one "edgy" kid that turned their screensaver into the scrolling code from The Matrix.

Johnny Castaway was honestly just the most relaxing thing you could ever watch.

This "spooky" house was a personal favorite around Halloween.

And of course, the maze that was more compelling than any video game.

What was your favorite screensaver back in the day?