10 Of The Weirdest Dolls Of The 90s That You Desperately Wanted To Own

The collections of dolls we all had in the 90s were pretty outstanding. There were a bunch of different options to choose from depending on your interests, price limit, and just how crazy you wanted it to be. They also all kind of looked the same no matter who made them...There was everything from a doll who could somersault, a doll who could full on roller-skate, and even a few different ones that would use a toilet.  Let's see how many of these weird dolls you remember! 1. Baby Tumbles SurpriseYou know what, you probably shouldn't teach young


The 20 Biggest Toy Fads From Our Childhoods

No matter when you were a kid, there were certain toys that everyone was obsessed with having. Sometimes these fads lasted just a few months, but sometimes their popularity endured. How many of these toys were you obsessed with growing up?Giphy1) SlinkyWhile they first exploded in popularity in the '50s, they never went away. These were way more fun than a coil of metal or plastic had any business being. While it worked the best if you made it go down stairs, the possibilities were pretty much endless. Tables, book shelves, your own hands, pretty much anything could be


The Strange And Surprising History of Pogs

Of all the fads that we were gifted in the '80s and '90s, the simplest and most colorful was undoubtedly pogs. Looking back on it now, it seems almost strange how we all became so obsessed with what were little more than small cardboard disks and plastic coins with pictures on them. The game itself was fairly simple, you had pogs - the small cardboard circles - and slammers, which were heavier, thicker, and usually made of plastic. First you'd decide whether or not you were playing for keeps (aka keeping the pogs you won, giving up the ones you


Which of These 90s Collectibles Was Your Addiction?

It was never easy to keep up with what was cool when you were a kid, because as soon as you figured it out it would change. There were so many options and they all came out so fast it was impossible to keep track. Whether it was the latest McDonald's toy, the newest cards to collect, or a new doll, keeping up with the trends was exhausting. How many do you you remember collecting? 1. Puppy In My Pocket were a cheap (and useless) collectible we all had2. Furby was everywhere3. Anything with aliens on it was a must4.


It's Time To Decide Who Had The Best Mustache Of The 80s (Poll)

Mustaches were ever present in the 80s. It seemed like everyone knew someone with a big ol' mustache just chilling out under their nose. They weren't like the overly elaborate ones like you see now, these were large, bushy and excessive in all the best ways. But who did it best? There are a lot of fancy mustachioed men, but who was the ultimate? Check out the list below and vote for who you think deserves the mustache crown. Freddie MercuryHis talent is so vast that no one feature could possibly express his awesomeness, but that mustache does come close.


15 Of The Most Important And Iconic Hair Styles We All Rocked In The 90s

There was a lot to worry about when you were a young kid in the 90s. Which boy band is the best? How will you save up enough money to get the rare beanie babies? And most importantly, how will you get your hair looking perfect? There were a few techniques that we all used to style our hair in different ways. Some of them we borrowed from past generations, some have come back in recent years, but we liked to think we did it best.Here are 15 of the most popular 90s hairstyles that will remind you just


15 Things We Had Before "Fidget Spinners" Were A Thing

When we were kids, we didn't have all these fidget spinners to flip around in our hands, but that doesn't mean that we didn't have something to play with! We had to keep our hands busy somehow and our ways were obviously the best. We had a bunch of different things to play with, each of them just as ridiculous as the ones they make now! I mean, some of these didn't even really do anything but we still collected them like crazy! How many do you remember? 1. Crazy BonesThese were essentially just plastic little figures that you would


20 Of The Weirdest And Grossest Garbage Pail Kids We All Loved For Some Unknown Reason

We all know and love Cabbage Patch Kids right? They are cute, cuddly and adorable. Then there are the Garbage Pail Kids. They are not cute, not cuddly, and adorable but probably almost as popular. These horrifyingly bizarre creations were made as sort of the parody of the Cabbage Patch Kids. They were specifically designed to be as disgusting and offensive as possible (in contrast to their inspiration) which was 100% their appeal. This was of course before the Cabbage Patch Dolls became terrifying enough on their own.Parents hated them, schools despised them, but kids were obsessed. In 1987


13 Amazing 80s Styles That You Know You Rocked

Kids today have a vague idea of the 80s through TV, movies and just general knowledge that gets passed down, but some of us actually lived through that nonsense. There was neon EVERYWHERE, and hair was bigger than you could possibly imagine. Not everyone wants to remember it fondly because it was a lot going on at once, but you know what, we should embrace our choices. The 80s were the brightest, most colorful and perhaps the most fun decade fashion wise that we have ever had. Kids today may get little pieces of it here and there, but they


The Crazy 90s Recall That Made Us All A Little Afraid Of Our Dolls

There seems to be a lot of recalls of products because your kid might choke on a piece, but there are very few done because the toy may choke on you. There was a Cabbage Patch doll in the 90s that actually had to be recalled because it was chewing on children. It actually was pretty serious because it would actually rip out their hair and swallow it down! The Snacktime Kid Cabbage Patch Doll looked like most other Cabbage Patch Kids but it had one very huge difference. The doll had a motorized mouth that you could feed in