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Ikea Is Bringing Back The Couch Of Your Nightmares, And People Have A Lot To Say About It

Ugly House Photos

Remember when you were growing up and you'd go hang out in the living room for hours and hours, never leaving your spot on the couch?

Well, honestly I can't pretend much has changed, other than the fact that the couch has fewer flowers on it than ever before.

Most people stick to a single color now, but back in the day there was apparently nothing more desirable than a good floral pattern.

Big flowers, small flowers, pinks ones, or blue, every combination was waiting for you.

We've all seen a lot of bad couches in our days, but when the floral trend started to die, we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Well, get ready to hold your breath again, because they're back.

Ikea, the affordable furniture store we all buy our first real couches from has decided that because our parents and grandparents no longer have a floral couch to pass down to us when we move out, they'd step in.

That's right, now you can once again buy the couch that you sat on at your grandma's house while she fed you butter cookies from a circular blue tin.

The couch cover is new, but the couch is their basic Ektorp model that has been around for years. So if you already own it, you can just upgrade the cover if you feel like turning your living room into a time machine.

It's absolutely insane to see this sofa pattern back, and people on Twitter are totally freaking out about it.

"This is literally the ugly discarded couch every parent gave to every child for their first college apartment for the last 10-15 years."

One used said that it was "the epitome of a thrift store soda, the years it lived a life of glamour are but a twinkle in the knowing eyes of father time."

Some people tried to form a hypothesis about its creation.

They said, "My uneducated, ill-considered theory is some of us subversively crave a return to the time when we expected, and did not have to think much about, the comfortingly mediocre."

However I feel like this could probably be accomplished better with some smaller, less blatant objects, maybe hidden around your house.

Others shared pictures of them with their ugly floral couches back in the day. In this one, both of the women on the couch look like they are trying to camouflage into it.

The thrill of realizing your furniture is suddenly back in style must be great though.

It makes sense if it was old or got it for free, but would you really buy it?

Does anyone actually want to go buy this couch? Or are you as confused as I am?

Source - Twitter / Ikea