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10 'Facts' We Learned In School That Turned Out To Be Completely Wrong

It's always interesting to see what bits of "common knowledge" change as the years go on. I once had a teacher say I was being silly for saying lightning could hit your water pipes while showering, and it turns out that's totally true. Here are just a few more things that we learned in school but turned out to be completely bogus.

Pluto is no longer considered a planet

It was pretty debatable from the get-go, but NASA officially confirmed it in 2009.

Both halves of an earthworm don't stay alive if you cut one in half


Turns out that's just the synapses in its body dying out. It's very much dead.

Dinosaurs had feathers

Fred Haynes

It probably didn't help that we were all obsessed with Jurassic Park, but dinosaurs, and especially Velociraptors, were more like walking primitive birds than giant lizards.

You don't have to wait 30 minutes after eating before going swimming

The Stadium

Our parents thought our bodies would legitimately seize up and we'd drown. Turns out you just have to try not to throw up.

The lies just get bigger from here...

The tongue map of taste buds is total BS


We have different kinds of taste buds throughout our entire tongue, not in sectioned off parts. This has been known for decades, but for some reason we still teach it to kids.

We definitely now all have calculators with us


Not to mention access to enough information to make the Library of Alexandria blush.

Y2K ultimately ended up not being a big deal

Past Daily

Efforts to fix the bug had already been going on for at least two years by the time the media caught wind of it and everyone started freaking out.

De-oxygenated blood is not blue

Interactive Biology

Seriously, your blood is red. It has always been red, it will always be red.

The food pyramid is pretty much completely wrong

Viral Rang

Eating the amount of carbs that it recommends has been confirmed by multiple sources to be pretty damn bad for you.

We have literally never needed to write in cursive outside of signatures


Remember your fourth grade teacher yelling at you over how important it was? Thanks for nothing, Ms. Windsor.

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