10 Blunders You Probably Missed In 'Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory'


Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory was a daring endeavor for the 70s. This film was super low budget even for its time. It was created with a $3 million budget, which happened to be funded by Quaker Oats for their own marketing scheme.

There are many things you may not have noticed, like how the movie was shot in Germany.

Here are some mistakes you may have missed.

10. Charlie's family was basically starving ... but they owned a TV.

Oh, and they could also afford electricity and wool for knitting.

9. How Violet came to be

If you're always amazed by the expanding human blueberry, you'll miss how she actually gets that way. For a split second you can see the pump that blows her into a ball. Also, they had to find a way to make her skin purple. A purple ring of light can be seen on her bangs.

8. The magical purse

In one scene, Mrs. Teevee has a black purse and then in another she has a white purse.

7. The Mushroom and the tongue

We know actors have to do many takes before a scene is perfected, but it shouldn't be obvious, right? There's many holes underneath the mushroom when Willy Wonka jabs it with his cane.

Also, Veruca's tongue is stained red before she stuffs her mouth in candy.

6. Strings for Visual Effect

You'll see this happen more than once.

When Charlie and Grandpa are burping and floating in air, there are harnesses lifting them up.

When the elevator breaks through the glass ceiling, the strings pulling it up are visible.

Also, when Mike TeeVee gets knocked off his feet for eating exploding candy, it's obvious it was the cable from his belt that knocked him down.

5. The inhaled chocolate bar

We've all tried to gobble a full-sized chocolate bar, and we all know it's impossible to swallow it in only a few seconds. This is what Charlie does when he buys his first chocolate bar, but seconds later his mouth is empty.

4. The Tunnel

We all saw that boat ripping through those chocolate waters, so where were the ripping winds?

3. Lets not forget the time when the Candyman uppercut a girl

The Candyman lifts the wooden door and hits one of the little girls under the chin by accident.

2. The disappearing shadow

When Willy Wonka is walking towards the factory gates, time seems to just fly by. The shot from the back shows the shadow of a building on the red carpet, but in the front shot the shadow barely touches the carpet.

1. The Golden Ticket

How did Willy Wonka know all the tickets would be found on October 1? This was probably the most significant element in the movie, and they still managed to make a mistake.

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