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13 Times Ms. Swan Made You Literally Laugh Out Loud

MADTv brought us one of the most timeless sketch comedy characters of all time with Ms. Swan.

Alex Borstein brought the character to life during her run on the show, and even though she left in 2002, it's still probably what she's known for best. Ms. Swan is of unknown cultural origin, though all the writers on MADTv insist that she was based off singer Bjork.

Ms. Swan had some pretty great sketches, and they all made us laugh out loud. How many do you remember?

1. Ms. Swan Goes To Starbucks

2. Ms. Swan At The Candy Store

3. Ms. Swan At The Drive Thru

4. Ms. Swan Meets Buffy

5. Ms. Swan At Customs

6. Ms. Swan On The Dating Game

7. Ms. Swan On An Airplane

8. A Ms. Swan Halloween

9. Ms. Swan At A Gay Bar

10. Ms. Swan Sex Line

11. Ms. Swan At A Hair Salon

12. Ms. Swan At A Bar

13. Ms. Swan At The Hospital

How many of these do you remember?