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10 Times Pop Stars Tried To Act, Though They Should Have Just Stuck With Their Day Jobs

Pop stars and movie stars pretty much get equal amounts of attention from both the media and the public, so of course, a few of them are going to go "Hey, I can do one of these things, so I must be able to do the other!"

While singers like Mark Wahlberg and David Bowie made some pretty successful transitions into Hollywood, these 10 pop stars made us all unanimously wonder what they were thinking.

Lance Bass - On The Line

While his *NSYNC bandmate Justin Timberlake has gone on to a reasonably successful acting career with movies like The Social Network and In Time, Lance Bass struck out immediately with this mess of a movie that pretty much everybody's already forgotten about.

Jessica Simpson - Dukes of Hazzard

People flocked to see her argue with her then-husband Nick Lachey on MTV, but when Jessica decided to flex her acting muscles as the iconic Daisy Duke, the result was a performance where the only thing people remember about it is her in tight jeans.

Britney Spears - Crossroads

During a time when Britney was the biggest thing on the charts and everybody was tripping over themselves to buy anything she was involved with, the singer starred in this musical road movie that pretty much has to be seen to be believed. I don't mean that in a positive way.

Prince - Under The Cherry Moon

To be fair, Prince did have a pretty big acting credit to his name for Purple Rain, but let's get real, that was basically a movie-length music video. The success of that led Warner Bros. to let him both direct and star in this infamous disaster, and he basically never acted again.

The movies just get worse from here, people...

Kelly Clarkson - From Justin To Kelly

Clarkson co-starred in this musical travesty alongside fellow American Idol alumnus Justin Guarini, and the result is often voted as one of the worst movies ever made. She thankfully stuck to singing afterwards, and everybody was happier for it.

Madonna - Shanghai Surprise

Madonna had a surprisingly extensive acting career during the 80s and 90s (despite most of her performances just being kind of flat). While not all of these movies were awful, Shanghai Surprise, an Indiana Jones-esque throwback to old adventure movies, did nothing for her or her then-husband, Sean Penn.

KISS - KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park

KISS are already one of the most theatrical rock bands of all time, so putting them in a movie actually kind of makes sense (and we actually did get a good movie out of that idea, called Detroit Rock City). However, this bizarre sci-fi romp that sees them fighting an evil scientist is funny for all the wrong reasons.

Vanilla Ice - Cool As Ice

Yes, Vanilla Ice got his own movie. It's about as good as you'd expect. 'Nuff said.

Jennifer Lopez - Gigli

Filming this movie was apparently what got J.Lo and Ben Affleck together, and we can only assume that actually watching it is what split them up. It's been called one of the worst movies of all time by pretty much everybody.

Mariah Carey - Glitter

Mariah has always been known for having something of an ego, and this movie cemented that idea in the heads of pretty much everybody who saw it. It's basically a glorified music video with even worse acting than most of those.

Which pop star do you think should have stuck to singing?