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11 Things All 90s Kid Absolutely Wanted To Have In Their Bedroom

There were a lot of awesome things that became popular (or had a resurgence) in the 90s and therefore our bedrooms got decorated in the very best way possible. We all had these enormous wish lists of things we absolutely needed and every TV show would add something new to that list.

Can you remember all the things you thought would make for excellent decor? Here are 15 of the must-haves from the 90s!

1. A Big CD Player

Pretty much everyone had one like this:

But we all REALLY wanted one like this:

2. A Lava Lamp

They obviously weren't invented in the 90s, but pretty much everything that was popular in the 60s and 70s came back in the 90s with a vengeance. Everyone had one of these. If they didn't, they probably wished they did.

3. TV/VCR Combo

4. A See-Through Phone

Back when landlines were a thing, we all HAD to have one in our room. The luckiest kids got their own personal line so their parents wouldn't know what they were talking about, but the rest of us had one phone number per house and would have to beg our parents to let us put a phone in our rooms. For some reason everything that you could see the inside of was super popular.

5. Inflatable Furniture

To prove the previous point, we also all wanted these inflatable couches and chairs because who needs to be comfortable when you can see the inside of the furniture? In reality, these were not that comfy and if you had any exposed skin you were going to get stuck to it.

6. Bean Bag Chair

For those who weren't into the inflatable chairs, there were always bean bag chairs! Just pray that you don't pop a leak otherwise you are in trouble.

7. A Huge Collection Of Gel Pens

Whether you needed to write a note, write your thoughts in your diary, or draw something special, you NEEDED to use a gel pen to do it. Preferably one that you could actually read, but we all thought that none were overly legible.

8. A CD Binder

Back in the days before downloading, we all had to purchase physical copies of our music. If we wanted to keep them organized and portable, they would get filed into a CD binder in a very specific order.

9. Glow In The Dark Stars

Do I even need to explain? Just in case you somehow don't know what these are I will explain. You would stick these to the ceiling and they would glow in the dark and they were wonderful. You could make patterns, constellations, words, whatever you wanted!

10. Beanie Babies Displayed With Pride

No matter how many you had, you would probably set them up on their own little shelf or display. Some people went all out and kept them in cases which is maybe smart because some of these things are actually worth some money now!

11. Fiber Optic Lamps

We were all just really obsessed with lamps that didn't actually illuminate anything I guess? These would spin in circles and were always fun to play with the fibers.

Did you have any of the things on this list? Share with your fellow 90s kids to remind them of a simpler time!