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12 Facts You Didn't Know About 'Road House,' The Most Ridiculous 80s Movie


Cheesy 80s action movies pretty much don't get any better than Road House. A movie about a bunch of bar bouncers solving their problems through politeness and violence, it stars Patrick Swayze in his absolute prime. We know you love it, but we're willing to bet you didn't know these 12 things about it!

Bill Murray teases Kelly Lynch's husband about her sex scene


According to her, whenever he sees it on TV, he calls her husband, Mitch Glazer, to tease him about it.

Patrick Swayze's kickboxing trainer has been in a bunch of movies himself

Shaw Bros.

Benny "The Jet" Urquidez has nine black belts in various martial arts, and has done fight choreography and stunts for tons of movies. He's even played Jackie Chan's main opponent at least twice!

The actors all did their own stunts


Sam Elliott has claimed that Urquidez even suggested that Swayze should have genuinely considered a career in professional kickboxing.

Kelly Lynch wasn't the original actress cast as Doc


It was given to Annette Bening, who was let go because of a lack of chemistry between her and Patrick Swayze according to Lynch.

A lot of content was cut from the movie

The original cut was over two and a half hours long, meaning a ton of footage was cut from the final product. You can still see some of the cut footage in the movie's trailer.

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Patrick Swayze had to turn down a bunch of roles because of this movie

Warner Bros.

He was offered Kurt Russell's role in Tango & Cash but had to decline due to the shooting schedule, and then had to turn down Predator 2 while recovering from filming Road House.

Sam Elliott claims this is the movie he gets recognized for the most


Which is kind of surprising given he basically hasn't aged since well before he made this movie.

The movie shares a knife-maker with a ton of action classics

Amercent Films

Jack Crain also made blades for Predator, Die Hard, and Demolition Man.

Some of the dialogue was improvised, especially the insults

Terry Funk (Morgan), came up with the idea for John Doe (Pat) to call Patrick Swayze "chicken dick."

The log that Jimmy slams into Dalton's chest was real

Marshall Teague thought it was a breakable prop and kept slamming it into Patrick Swayze with each take. By the end, Swayze's chest was covered in bruises.

The studio had to hire bodyguards for Patrick Swayze to keep female fans away

The movie kept getting interrupted by groups of women who would try to sneak onto the set.

Family Guy paid tribute to the movie and dedicated the episode to Swayze

Peter watches a copy of it and decides that all of life's problems can be solved by kicking.

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