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12 Things We Did In School That Were Way More Important Than Our Education

Being a kid is much simpler than being an adult, so of course that means that you took the "important" things in your life VERY seriously, to a level that was probably hilarious to the adults you knew. In particular, these 12 things used to be serious business back in elementary school

Getting that sweet, sweet prize for selling as many of these as possible.

World's Finest

Keeping all your crayons and pencil crayons in great shape.


Getting a chocolate milk and being willing to die before giving it up to anybody.


Two words: Scholastic Bookfairs.


Having the absolute best container for all of your supplies.


You're definitely going to remember taking these next few things VERY seriously.

Getting some quality time on the greatest computer program ever made.


Needing the markers that actually smelled good.

Mr Sketch

Letting this game decide your entire future.


Having tons of cool erasers that you never actually used.


Making sure you pencil topper game was on point.


Drawing this thing on freaking everything.


And of course, making sure these were in your lunch box EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Betty Crocker

Which of these was super important to you as a child?