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13 "Horrifying" Pictures Of What Life Was Like Before Smartphones

We all like to think back on our childhoods with rose-tinted glasses and talk about how much better things were back then. It's honestly just kind of part of human nature.


However, sometimes we're quick to forget how many things have changed for the better in the last few decades, and one of the biggest ways is the creation of smartphones. Here's just a few examples of how things have improved.

There were these all over the place


Checking a map meant carrying one of these with you

WNC Outdoors

You needed to carry a book with you if you wanted to read something other than the shampoo bottle in the bathroom


You had to actually show up on time for things because there was no good way to let people know you were running late

Watch Buyers Group

Keeping your contacts saved in one of these


Seriously, look at how many ways things were way less convenient...

Using a pager for anything at all


Carrying a camera around to take photos


Hoping that the bus would actually show up at the right time (it never did)


Actually using the phone book instead of recycling it as soon as you get it.


Taking and posting a selfie wasn't possible in seconds


Needing to actually buy an alarm clock


Not being able to look up information on the fly


Really though, nobody actually talked to each other


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