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15 Pictures That Will Instantly Take You Back To Being A Kid

Being a kid is such a vivid part of our lives, especially considering how we spend it learning about the world and becoming the people we are. While a lot of our memories from that time eventually fade away, I can bet you that these 15 pictures will bring them hurtling back into your brain.

1) The smell as you cracked open a fresh can of Play-Doh.

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2) The boredom you felt staring at this channel because nothing was on.


3) Hiding in these whenever you got dragged to the mall.


4) Hunting through these shelves to find the perfect movie or game for your weekend.


5) Doing this to your perfectly good eraser.


6) The sound of your backpack scraping against these seats.


7) The pain of a splinter from one of these bastard playgrounds.


The memories just get more vivid from here...

8) Eating your cereal with the only spoons that mattered.


9) Going deaf because of this part of every VHS tape.


10) Or from this ad before every movie in the theater.


11) Knowing that this class meant it was gonna be an easy day at school.


12) Having to drink this fresh Hell while stuck at home watching daytime TV.


13) You might not have had a ton of computer games, but it didn't matter because the best one came with it.

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14) Coming up with the perfect passive-aggressive AIM status.


15) And of course, looking up at these bad boys as you went to sleep.


Which of these brought you back to your childhood?